Language Arts Resources

Read Works provides different lessons that relate to Skill and Strategy, Comprehension, Novel Study, and Reading Passages. All resources are included (some require the book). It is free to register.

For the Student

ReadWriteThink is a website geared towards langue arts. Here you can search by grade level, lesson plan type, learning objectives, and themes. Each lesson includes a preview, the standards, resources and preparation, instructional plan, related resources, and other teacher comments. It also includes the grade range and the estimated time it would take to complete the lesson.

On ReadWriteThink there is also a section for student interactives. This area has different interactive tools that students can use. It also shows which lessons that are on the site that the tools can go with.

For some there is the mobile app that students can use as well. Similar to the interactives, once you select the mobile app you can also select the lessons that go along with it.

There is a calendar activities section that provides information specific to that day in history and examples of what activities can be done on those days.

Finally there is a printout section which has links to different print outs to supplement the lesson.

For the Teacher

For the teacher there is also a section on professional development. In this section there are different strategy guides. This link to different lessons and different strategies that can be used in the classroom. There is also a link to literature and professional development course (at cost).

Story Arts Online provides multiple different ideas for incorporating storytelling into the classroom.
Reading Rockets is a website that provides information on research in the areas of language arts as well as supports and guides to teaching classroom strategies. This website is geared toward the younger students.
EPIC provides a variety of books that students can read for free. You can monitor their progress or use this as a supplemental tool in the classroom.