Georgia's Football Team

Georgia Bulldogs then and now. By Colton Jackson

Then and now.

Football is a sport that Georgia is great at. In 1980 they won a national championship with 1983's heisman winner Herchel Walker. We have not won a national championship since 1980. Then in 2000 Mark Richt came in. He is still our headcoach now. We have won 2 sec titles with him as our head coach. Georgia is a great football school.

The Awesome Recruits.

The Great Recruits.

Georgia is a great football school so a lot of high school students when they graduate go to Georgia. Then Georgia recruits them. That is how Georgia can be so good sometimes. So remember they might choose you when you get older.
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The Georgia and Florida football rivalry

Georgia and Florida are both really good but one is better. Georgia has beat Florida 49 times. Florida has won 42 times. It is bad that we have lost to Florida the last 2 years. Georgia is better but they need to step up there game.
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The order and sequence of college football.

The order of how it goes in college football is you play season games. If you do good you go to the championship for your conference. Depending on if you win and depending on what you are ranked you will go to the national championship. That is the order of how it goes in college football.