Unit 3 -week 2

The elements and principles of design

Monday September 19

Reviewing space created in a landscape.Get your landscape from where you placed it in the room. If you are not finished, you can finish it at home after it has been given an initial grade.

1. Get with a partner at your table and discuss the following:

-Did you create a separation in your artwork that shows a foreground, middleground and background?

-What is in the foreground of your artwork?

-What is in the middleground of your artwork?

-What is in the background of your artwork?

2. Complete reflection day 2

3. Take a photo of your artwork and upload it to unit 3 in google classroom.

4. Click here to watch a video clip about negative and positive space to prepare for unit 3-Negative and Postive space

Unit 3- Negative and Positive Space

Negative and Positive Space.

Learning Goal:

When this unit is complete you should be able to use negative and positive space in a work of art that displays visual unity.

You will also be able to Evaluate your work and the work of your peers

The elements of Art

The principles of Design








Elements and Principles of Design Flashcards

Tuesday September 20

Learning Goal:

Be able to identify Negative and positive space in works of art.

Create a drawing of the negative space around an object

Learning outcome:

Have a completed sketch of the negative space of a stool and upload to google classroom assignment for September 20

1. Watch this video clip about Negative and Positive space.

Stool drawing

Draw the stool on your table.

Draw only the negative space -the spaces in between all of the areas of the stool.

Use the pencils on your table and color in the negative spaces.

See the picture to the right as an example.

Take a picture of your drawing and upload it to the assignment "stool drawing" posted in google classroom

Wednesday September 21

Creating negative and positive space in a noatan

Learning Goal:

Be able to identify a noatan

use the noatan technique to create a plan for a noatan artwork.

Learning outcome:

Have a Noatan artwork started using a variety of papers and organic shapes.

Notan Artwork instructions

Click on the link below to find the instructions for creating a notan.

Instructions for making a notan

1. Find several paper you would like to use for your artwork.

2. Begin to draw organic shapes onto each paper

How to make a notan video clip

How to Make a Notan

Thursday September 22

Leaning Goal:

Create a cohesive work of art using negative and positive space

Learning outcome

Revise and continue to work on notan

Friday September 24

Today you will go to another classroom to work with a substitute.

You will complete the work provided to you and turn in to the sub at the end of class.

Learning Goal :

Explore drawing organic shapes that have interesting positive and negative space.

Create drawing on papers that will be used in your notan arwtork