Oral History Project

By: Keifer Doss

When and where were you born?

I was born in independence Missouri.

What responsibilities did you have in the home?

I had to clean the house,do dishes, and had to learn how to cook at a young age because my mom was sick a lot.

What do you remember about the house(s) you grew up in?

We moved a lot but I remember this one house in Rogers that I thought was huge when I was younger but now I realize that it is actually really small.

How did you celebrate holidays, birthdays, and other special events? what is your favorite holiday memories?

My favorite Holiday memory was my first Christmas in Arkansas we did not have much money so my mom mad me a felt skirt and my bother got a toy truck.

Name some special homemade foods you enjoyed as a child.

Homemade cinnamon rolls, french fries, and my moms German chocolate cake was my favorite.

Describe the games you played as a child.

We played hopscotch, jump rope, and jacks.

What kind of music did you enjoy when you were growing up?

I listened to rockin roll but of course it was much different back then than it is now.

What kind of medcine did you take when you were sick?

I did not get sick often but when i was little I had to take pills that had iron in it because my blood was low on iron.

Did your family attend church? if so, tell me about your church and its activities.

We attended Mount Washington baptist church. We always got there very early because my dad was the preacher and we went to Sunday school,and had family dinner afterwards.

How did you meet your spouse?

i meat my spouse at Mount Washington Baptist church and that was the church we attended for many years.

What were your thoughts when your first child was born

Happy and scared manly because i was in germany.

What are the most special events that have occurred in your life?

When i had my children.

What is your life's most important achievement?

Having a job and being able to support my family

What is your most valuable advice you've learned from your elders?

Being kind to other people

Did you or any of your family members serve in the wars? What stories did they share about their war experiences?

My dad was in the war world war 2 actually but did not talk much about it