BASE Tuition Increase

The new tuition will effect the 2016-17 session.

NEW Tuition Effective Aug. 8th 2016

We have managed to hold off on any Summer 2016 Session fee increases!

The increase in Full Day fees will go into effect after school begins.

This allows parents who have already budgeted to stick to it:)

The complete Tuition/Fee chart is at the end of this communication.

New Registration Session begins on Friday July 1st!

All NEW fees will take effect Aug. 8, 2016

All parents will be required to submit/adjust Registration and pay the 2016-17 Registration fee for their child to attend after June 30th.

The Registration window for the 2016-17 session will be open in May.

All current families will received the info as soon as it is available.

From BASE Business offices!

Dear BASE Parents,

Thank you for choosing our BASE program, we feel privileged to have the opportunity to be a part of your child’s day and partner with you to provide safe, engaging, quality child care programming and services for your family.

One of our priorities is to be the best choice for families, and in order to do so we ensure our programs are financially sustainable for years to come. As we budget for next year, we are facing cost increases that result in higher cost per child calculations, and we will need to adjust our tuition rates to offset some of these costs. Specifically, we are planning for increases in staff compensation/ benefits and transportation (busing) costs.

We commit to managing our finances responsibly and allocating your dollars to what is most important: The people and resources that directly impact your child. Our rates continue to be very competitive with the current market, attached is a table with last year’s rates from local providers, and our BASE rates for next year are listed in the bottom row. Keep in mind that most providers require parents commit to a full-time, 5 day a week schedule in order to pay their lower rates. We allow parents to flex their schedules each week depending on their needs.

Tuition/ Fee Schedule for 2016-17

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