JackLinks Beef Jerky

By: Tyler T. Nureini A. Taylor L.


*Has a ton of protein (15 grams)

*Doesn't have very much carbs (3)

*97% fat free

*28 grams per serving

*It includes vitamin C, Vitamin A, and calcium


Price (With tax): $6.84

Unit Price: $6.39


Fat: 1.79%

Carbs: 10.7%

Protein: 53.6%

Sugar: 10.7%

History of Jack Links Beef Jerky

Jack Links Beef jerky began from special recipes from the 1800s, passed down from generation to generation. That is how Jack Links Beef Jerky is now one of the best selling Beef Jerky Companies.


Overall this is a very healthy and tasty snack for most of us. But always remember....Never mess with sasquatch.