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Marion Central School Update

BOE interviews Nikki Miller for next Superintendent of MCS

Marion's school board has begun the interview process for hiring a new Superintendent of Schools. On Tuesday, October 13th they interviewed Nikki Miller for the position. Mrs. Miller has been with the district since 2008. She is currently the Director of Educational Services.

Superintendent Candidate Nikki Miller

Nikki is a hometown girl that is passionate about an education system that strives to have students reach their full potential to be prepared for their tomorrows. She is authentic, collaborative, and hardworking. She works to establish enduring relationships built on honesty, trust and integrity. She cares deeply about her community, especially the families and students that reside in it.

Her Philosophical Framework

Mission of Education

The mission of education is to ensure all students have the opportunity to engage in highly effective learning opportunities to achieve personal and academic success so they are prepared for the 21st century.

Vision for Education

There should be Rigor, Relevance and Relationships in every learning environment.

Core Beliefs about Education

She believes…

  • That leadership matters.
  • Teachers have the biggest impact on the achievement levels of their students.
  • What gets tracked gets done.
  • Learning is not an option.
  • All students can be successful.
  • The focus of a classroom should be on what the students are learning, not what the teacher is teaching.
  • Assessments are data that helps us make instructional decisions. They do not define us or the individuals that took them.
  • You must always act with integrity, honesty and stay true to your moral compass.

Alignment to Marion's Philosophical Framework

Marion's Mission:

We engage all students to achieve their fullest potential today and to be prepared for tomorrow's opportunities.

Mrs Miller also agrees that this is the mission of school. "As leaders it is our responsibility to put the resources in place so students can strive and thrive to find their personal best so they are ready for their future - college, career and life readiness is our moral imperative."

Marion's Vision:

The leader in growing future ready generations.

Mrs. Miller is equipped and ready to move the Marion School District forward. She believes strongly in the vision and is poised to hit the ground running to continue the path and course the district is taking. She believes Marion does not need to"re-calculate"

but to move forward for our students' future.

Marion's Core Beliefs:

Students are the heart of what we do. -- Mrs. Miller has spent her entire career with this belief as her guide. She believes students are more than numbers and data points. They are real people with hopes, goals, dreams and full lives ahead of them. School should provide them with the tools they need to make their hopes and dreams a reality. An essential question we should always be asking "is it good for kids?"

Innovation is critical to our success.-Mrs. Miller understands that we can't stand still and do school the way it has always been done. She sees the value of tradition but recognizes that for students to be successful in their future we must be open to doing things differently. Innovation must include creativity, technology and outside the box thinking.

Engagement is achieved through Rigor, Relevance and Relationships. -- Mrs. Miller strongly believes in rigor, relevance and relationships. Her leadership experience and belief system is based around this framework. Nikki believes that educational systems must "Live in Quadrant D" if students are to be prepared for the future. The nation's highest performing and most rapidly improving schools use this framework in the areas of instruction, leadership and allocation of resources. This mindset drives her daily practice and decision making.

Teamwork is the key to excellence. -- Mrs. Miller believes that we can't find success individually. It must be a collective effort; students, teachers, leaders, parents and the community must work together to help drive excellence. We are stronger when we work as a team. Great things happen when we bring our talents, ideas and resources together. Look at MCS version of the Special Olympics - what a perfect example of teamwork resulting in excellence!! When we collectively share our talents with a commitment to success for all learners, the benefits for both students and our community will be significant.

Personalized learning is the future of education. -- Mrs. Miller sees personalized learning as a non-negotiable as we move forward preparing students for their futures. It provides students with differentiated learning paths and feedback so we know what they have learned, how well they have learned it and what they need next. It will help us better meet students individual needs so we can say with confidence to parents that we are giving their child what they need when they need it. Ultimately this is what parents want; they want their children to grow and develop so they can experience success and confidence as individuals. Personalized learning will help us make this a reality.

Integrity is the foundation of our conduct. - Mrs. Miller believes that of all aspects of ones character, integrity might be the most critical. Integrity means adhering to both moral and ethical principles, which she strives to do in her life both professionally and personally. She tries to live by her philosophical framework each day and with each decision. She also recognizes that integrity is two-fold. It means you recognize people are human and make mistakes but you learn from them. You seek to improve and be better for having made the mistakes.

Future Ready

Who is Nikki Miller -- the person?

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