The Harlem Renaissance

Paul Robeson


Paul Robeson was born in Princeton, New Jersey on April 9, 1889. He became a athlete and a star performer. At the age seventeen he got a scholarship to attend Rutgers University, he was the third African American to go there, while he was there he went on to become one of the schools best students. Then in 1920 to 1923, Paul Robeson earned a degree from Columbia University's Law School. In 1924 he started acting.On January 23, 1976 Paul died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Major Contributions

Paul Robeson was a Renaissance man. He was an athlete, actor, singer, scholar, author, and political activist. He was one of first black men to play a large role in a mainly white theater. He was in many movies as well. During a time that there was a lot of racism, he tried to understand the cultural difference. Paul was admired by many different people of all different backgrounds.

By Tessa Bardsley