Reading work sample

David Spliethof


How could you describe the article "how to train your dog."

What is the main idea of this article?

How would you explain dog body language?

What is the problem with how they talk about dogs?

What choice would you have made if you were a dog trainer in a article?

What would you suggest to make this article more understanding?


This is a article on how understanding dog body language will help dog training.

That dogs are a amazing breed that are very use to having to help humans out when they are in need.

Dog body language is a key thing to help humans understand their emotions.

They talk about how dogs are amazing but while they do it they are also talking about hoe bad dogs can be.

I would have made a lot of character changes so that my dog behaved the way I want not how they want my dog to.

Explain all of the scientific words and phrases.

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