Frustration to Permanent Damage

By Beth Savinelli Class 5

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shaken Baby Syndrome is when a baby is violently shaken to the point where is can lead to serious brain damage. this happens particularly in newborns because their bones and muscles are very weak and even the slightest sudden movement of shaking can cause the baby to have this syndrome.

Frustration can lead to permanent damage

When there is a force that shakes the babies head back and forth repeatedly, the space inside the skull gives the brain room to shake around too. This is what causes newborns to have this syndrome. The picture below gives a visual of this motion.
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The biggest cause of shaken baby syndrome is frustrated parents. Having a newborn is a very stressful time and things like crying can lead to the parents getting angry at the child. This might lead them to believe that shaking the baby will make it stop.

Shaken baby syndrome can also happen by the newborn falling, however this rarely does lead to this type of syndrome.

Physical abuse can also lead to this syndrome.

A crying baby is not the end of the world

Every baby cries. It is part of being a newborn. Crying is okay. What is not okay is taking out your anger on something that has no self defense.
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there are many symptoms that come with this syndrome. The baby's intellectual development is very affected. Their sense of alertness is highly decreased along with their vision and appetite. your babies behavior can also be affected by severely shaking it. You will notice that your baby is a lot more sensitive and will not smile as much as it used to. Things like vomiting and losing conscious can also occur due to this syndrome. These are all things you should look out for if you think your newborn has this syndrome.

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Ways to prevent

Never shake your baby in general. Calm down, and breath when you are frustrated. Keep hands off the baby when angry.

If you feel overwhelmed, call a friend or relative to watch the baby while you cool down.

Do not hold your baby while you are in an argument, this can lead to you holding the baby as you are getting angry, which could cause you to accidently shake the child too much.

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For more information on Shaken Baby Syndrome go to this site

Heres a video for more information

This is an educational video that will show you what will happen to your child if you shake it with too much force. It explains how to prevent this horrible syndrome.
Never Shake A Baby Educational Video

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