Ms. Patinka's Classroom Newsletter

December 2014

Holiday Party

We are celebrating the holidays on Thursday, December 18 in our classroom! Our celebration will take place at 2:10 pm. Feel free to come join us as we enjoy winter treats and play some fun Christmas games!

Outer Banks Update

On Wednesday, December 17 I will be sending home a letter detailing how much money you have paid for the trip (including all fundraisers). You must have at least $150 submitted by December 19 to hold your spot on the trip!


Students continue to work hard each and every day. I encourage you to work with students over the holiday break on math facts and reading stamina. The more they do over break, the faster we will get back in the swing of things when they return in January. If you would like me to put together a packet of work for students to work through over the holiday, please let me know!

In Writing students are finishing up the rough drafts of their informative essay. They chose an animal to research and synthesized their information into a five paragraph essay. This week we will be working on completing final copies which students will by typing using Pages.

In Reading students are exploring non-fiction texts. They have been practicing many non-fiction reading strategies such as stop and jot, stop and sketch, boxes and bullets, and finding the meaning of unknown words. We will continue to work with non-fiction texts and introduce a few more strategies to help students comprehend all of the information given in these texts.

We are just beginning our geometry unit in math. Students will be engaged in learning many geometry terms. They will be exploring lines, angles, and 2-d shapes. By the end of the unit students will be able to classify these lines and shapes based on their sides, angle measure, and other various attributes.

Students just completed their study of matter in science. They were excited to visit the science lab and complete two experiments dealing with matter. After the holiday break we will resume science with our rocks and minerals unit.

In social studies, students have been learning about the early inhabitants of North Carolina. This week we will be finishing up or exploration of Native Americans and moving into early exploration and the settlement of the European explorers. This will lead us into an overview of the North Carolina government.

Holiday Break

I just wanted to remind you that the Winter Break begins on Friday, December 19 with a half day. Students will not return to school until Monday, January 5! I hope that everyone enjoys time with family and friends. Have a Merry Christmas!