By:Kristen Taylor

The Begining

"Aphrodite was born from the severed genitals of the sky god, Uranus. When the genitals fell, they landed in the ocean which foam came from and out stretched a beautiful young maiden"(Pirenne-Delforge). When born, Zues transported her to Olympus(Evslin p.51), this is where she became known as Venus. She originated from west Asia. She later moved to Greese on the island of Cyprus(Myths and Legends of the World).

Stands For

Aphrodite is the God of love and beauty (Hamilton p.32 )."Sex, love, pleasure, and beauty is what she stands for"(Pirenne-Delforge).

My Symbol

My symbol is a picture of a dove and a rose. I choose this because she stands for love and beauty. The dove stands for beauty, and the rose stands for love.


"According to Hpomer, Aphrodite is the daughter of Zues and Dione"(Pirenne-Delforge). The nightof her birth, she was married to Hephaestus(Evslin p.52 ).


During Aphrodite's lifetime, she became the mother of many. While married to Hephaetus,she cheated with Areas.She became the mother of Harmonia during this act. Other kids are Phobos, Deimos,Eros, Adonis, and the others aren't listed(britanica). Her last child was Aeneas, who she had when she slept with Anchises(Pirenne-Delforge).

Fear & Skills

Aphrodite has a fear of mortals(Hamilton p.33)." One of her many skills, is for young girls who are about to become married. They would make sacrifices to Aphrodite so that their first marridal act would end in them becoming pregnant"(Pirenne-Delforge).


"Aphrodite has her own special weapon, the cestus, or an embroidered strap worn around her breasts that renders her sexually irresistable"(Hansen 107).Aphrodite's beauty was one of the great foctors of the Trojan War(Mytths and Legends of the World).


When Aphrodite made Gods mingle with mortals, this was dangerous for the cosmic orders, Zues made her lie with a mortal, Anchises, she then had a child and at that moment became a true daughter of Zues(Pirenne-Delforge).


Hera made Aphrodite and Hephaetus fall in love when she first met him(Evslin 54)

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