Faking Surgeries

By: Karina Cosio

What He Did

  • Patients would walk in with chronic back pain, desperate for help.
  • His solution was to fuse their spines, it wasn't even necessary.
  • In some cases he would cut patients up, close them without doing anything at all,
  • He did surgery on just about every patient to walk into his office for help.

Why He Did It

  • Dr. Sabit lied to insurance companies about implanting devices to help their chronic back pain.
  • He illegally co-owned the company that made those devices.
  • He made $12,000 of profit on the side from using them.
  • The more devices he used to more money he made on the side.

Final Result

  • Dr. Sabit ended up pleading guilty.
  • He received nine years in federal prison.
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