Irvin Guzman


Did you know that my grassland is found on every continent but not Antarctic.

General characteristics

There are many type of grassland there are Tall Grass, Mix Grass, and Short Grass. Like the Tall Grass can often grow to be five feet tall.

Weather and Climate

The grassland receive 10 to 30 rain every year. Some time the grassland can get cold or it can get hot.


The temperature of Grassland is like 80*F to 100*F cues it's in the middle of the desert.


The precipition in grassland is so erratic droughts may prevent fire to causes the forest to grow.


All of the grasslands animals share a lack of shelter to protect for predictors some animals that inhabit temperate grasslands in North America are bison.

Ecological concerns or issues

The grassland can get in fire very fast causes it is dry .