Ariana Grande

By:Sadie Ochoa

Ariana Grande Popularity

#2 Most popular person

#1 Born on June 26th

#1 Born in 1993

#1 Born in Florida

#1 Cancer-Zodiac sign

#2 Pop singer

#1 Person named Ariana


Ariana Grande-Butera was born June 26th 1993,in Boca Raton,FL.She took in singing at a young age.In August she got interviewed for Billboard magazine and reveals that before she came famous she was a very weird little girl.When she got interviewed she talked about her dark and deranged obsessions.She would always want to have a skeleton face on or be wearing a Freddy Krueger mask and she would also carry a hockey stick around. One thing she said in the interview "One of my earliest birthday left her friends in tears,for my 5th birthday party we had a Jaws theme and all my friends were left crying."There was stage when her mom thought she might grow up to be a serial killer.

Teen years

Her first big break was when she was 15 and got role in Charlotte.She won a award when she was a teenager she won "National Youth Theatre Association Award.In 2010 she appeared in the musical "Cuba Libre."She also had a small role on "The Battery's Down."But that was all it took for her to land a big role on the "new" Nickelodeon series Victorious.


Music & TV

Ariana has a career in music and TV,but mostly music she has 2 albums"My Everything & Yours Truly" but has a Christmas one which is called "Christmas Kisses" but it only has 6 songs which is basically a album but I guess not she also has one song on a album called Victorious 3.0 she also some songs on the albums called "Now that's what I call Music....." She has a total of 36 songs.Also in 2011 she realeased a single "Put your hearts up" aimed for her young fans(one of the 36 songs)


She had a small role on the show "The Battery's Down"But that was all it took for her to get a pretty big part as Cat Valentine.After Victorious was over she had a show with Icarly star Jennette McCurdy which was "Sam &Cat.


She has won many awards like.....

In 2013 she won 1 award here it is

-American music New artist of the year

In 2014 she won 12 awards here is one of the one she won that year

-Newcomer Bambi

In 2015 she won 6 awards here is one of the one she won this year (so far)

-Youtube Music Award


date taken for photo 4/29/15






Ariana Grande - One Last Time (Official)