Chainsaw safety 101

Batts 3rd period


Kick back Is caused by a chainsaw when a piece of the blade gets stuck while cutting and just like a gun has its recoil the chainsaw will kick back towards and if you are not ready and alert it will end very badly

Likely injuries

Most injuries are to the legs and arms in where they would be badly cut

Personal protection equipment

Hard hat and earmuffs for you're head and hearing protection. Gloves for climbing and grip to hold on to things securely. Pants and heavy duty boots also safety googles for derbies. Last but not least the chaps just in case something were to go wrong with the chainsaw and happen to come towards you're leg ,the chaps are designed to stop the blade from cutting you're legs

Transporting the chainsaw

When transporting a chainsaw have the blade pointing backwards with the handle facing the front. This way you can cause no danger to people or things in front of you

Starting a chainsaw

When starting up a Chainsaw put the chainsaw on the floor with the blade facing away from you and feet. Then pull the chain until it starts

Stopping a chainsaw

Sine your chainsaw is already running the proper way to stop the chainsaw would be to simply let go of the accelerator wait for the chain to stop spinning.

Operating a chainsaw

When operating a chainsaw make sure that the area you're working in that you have enough space to fuel you're chainsaw if yes then make a safety check of you're equipment if you're chainsaw if fueled and area and equipment are safe then safely use you're chainsaw

Fueling a chainsaw

Make sure when fueling a chainsaw that you're fueling area is safe if yes then safely place you're chainsaw down with the blade facing away from you and then fuel