Feel the Forest

eTwinning Project 2012/2013

Feel the Forest and keep your school green|

About our project:

Our team of teachers and students have been working collaboratively on the eTwinning Project" Feel the Forest and keep your school green"; we're from Portugal, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Turkey and Poland.

Our students were invited to observe and respect the forest, its plants and animals, to make guided walk tours and to collect useful information about the protected forest areas near the place where they live.

We share good practices among European schools in what concerns the environment and involve our students and the educational community as responsible citizens for a better and greener planet.

Our Project's Twin space: http://new-twinspace.etwinning.net/web/p94932

We also created this site together:


Nature calendar 2014

One of the challenging activities of this project was the creation of a Multilingual calendar with important quotations, environment days and tips; all the teams participated enthusiastically and this is one of the results:

Walk in the forest!

Teams of Portugal present:

. A map of Soure created by teacher Alexandra and students;

. "Spring in Buçaco, about 40km away from Coimbra and about 55km away from Soure, where I teach." Teacher Alexandra Duarte

. "A pleasant walk to Quinta da Regaleira, a paradise in Sintra" by Monica Tomé

This video was made by our students, Mónica Tomé and Conflita Diogo": walking along one of the many paradises in Sintra, Quinta da Regaleira, they took photos and invite you to visit it. You'll be delighted!" Teacher Lina Pereira

Buçaco Portugal - Antonio Vivaldi - The Four Seasons ( SPRING ) Full - Les Quatre Saisons - HD HQ

Team of Bulgaria presents:

On the last Autumn day!

Teacher Rositsa Dimova and students

December 9, 2012

Team of France presents:

France discovering the little wood next to our school in winter|

Teacher Murielle Ducroo and students

Teams of Italy present:

. Urban understorey: "This is our beloved urban forest Viale degli Angeli portrayed from our classroom window in the four seasons ... just for you! It is not a proper walk, time is the only passer-by ... " Viviana 2013 :-) A student from teacher Caterina Salomone, Cuneo, Italy

The seasons: "Of course we never see snow in our town, which is by the sea...The landscape is really different on the mountains, 40/50 km far from here..." Teacher Maria Anversa Grasso

Urban understorey

Team of Poland presents:

"We have photos from various seasons of the year and decided to make a video of our forest and the area at different times of year." Teacher Sylwia Pieńkowska and students

Our forest
Our class decalogue
Our school goes green