My True Colours

Cassie Maag 4th Hour


an idealist


Imaginative, dreamer, sensitive


Harmonious, true romantic, appreciates small gestures, drama, good listener


Desire to influence, arts


Open minded , embraces potential, individual orientated

Symptoms of a Bad Day

Attention-getting misbehavior, lying, withdrawal, day-dream, depression,
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1). The three characteristics that describe my personality are imaginative, sensitive, and harmonious. There weren't really any characteristics that didn't describe me.

2).I think the job that best suits my personality type is something relating to the arts. I, personally, dream of being a graphic novelist, which I think would be a good job for me because I can express my feelings in art and literature--my two favourite topics.

3).Having a blue personality could be beneficial for my career because I can draw and write stories to express the way I feel about certain thing. I'm very creative, so being in charge of a imaginary world created by me would be a pleasure; however, this could lead me to my downfall. If I put too much emotion and personal experiences into my work, it could all just be a jumbled, confusing, horrific mess. I'd be too scared to attempt at getting my work published because I'm really negative and critical over everything I do. If I send in something that ends up getting rejected, my already low self-esteem will be tampered and I'll end up getting really heartbroken.