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September 16, 2022

Morning Drop-Off *Important*

Morning Drop-Off Starts at 9:00am

Morning drop-off starts at 9:00am, not any earlier. Please do not leave your child(ren) unsupervised for that time. Supervision starts at 9:00am when an adult is outside. Anytime before that is unsupervised.

We have made arrangements with staff for coverage to start at 9:00am. Please honor this agreement.

Hello Crissman families!

It was a great week welcoming everyone back into our building for our Open House/Curriculum Night. Our staff enjoyed getting to share information about your child(ren)'s year! We know that this year will be full of learning and growth!

PowerSchool Forms- Thank you to everyone that has gone into PowerSchool and completed all the necessary forms for the school year. If you have not done so, please log in to your PowerSchool Account and click on REQUIRED TO COMPLETE EACH YEAR. One of the checks we have to complete each year is the review of the Elementary Handbook. I have included that document below.

Mrs. Papastamatis

When entering Crissman...

Just a reminder to always have ID when coming into the building. Thank you!

Daily Attendance

Calling in your child sick, an appointment or vacation? Please call the attendance line at any time of day at 586-797-4399.

Elementary Handbook Reminder to 5th and 6th Grade

We had an informative assembly with our 5th and 6th-grade students about behavior in school, on the bus, and/or on school property. We spoke about the importance of being kind through your actions and your words to others.

Taken from the Handbook: A student’s right to a public education carries with it a responsibility to know and observe school rules. These rules help minimize distractions that disrupt learning and help to maintain a safe learning environment.

The handbook is below for reference.

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Save the Dates

  • Sept. 22nd- PTA Kick-Off Assembly for RAISE CRAZE
  • Raise Craze begins on Monday, Sept. 26
  • Sept. 30th- NED Assembly (Virtual)
  • October 10th- Picture Day (Retake Nov. 29th)

Personal Device Agreement per the UCS Elementary Handbook

The personal use of non-school issued cell phones or other electronic communications devices (ECDs) by students is prohibited at any time while in school or in a district vehicle (school bus).

Students may carry ECDs during the school day, but they cannot be displayed or used without permission from a teacher or administrator for educational purposes.

Personal use of the device shall be limited to the time before and after the school day and only when students are outside the building.

ECDs shall not be used during instructional time, lunch, passing time between classes or on any school bus without permission of a school official.

The use of an ECD’s picture-taking or internet connection capability is not permitted without permission of a teacher or administrator.

Utica Community Schools will not be responsible for the theft, loss or damage of any ECD.

Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against students who violate the policy regulating ECDs.

Translated: Personal communication devices such as cell phones, smart watches, electronic games with capability of communication are not to be used on a UCS school bus, in Crissman, or on Crissman grounds during the hours of 9:20 am-4:10pm.

If you choose to send to school, the device should be kept in a backpack during school hours unless there is a specific, medical need to have the device, which would be documented by a medial plan, signed by a doctor.

We Need You!

Crissman would love for you to join our team and be a lunch supervisor! The hours are from 12:00 pm-1:15 pm. We are flexible with days and provide lots of smiles and hugs.

Lunch Monitors are an important part of safety, service, and supervision of students during eating and recess times. We will work with your schedule to fill our daily allocation of positions. Click below on the Edu Staff button to apply.


Apply to be a lunch supervisor


Below is a link to the Utica Community Schools employment page. Our district is still looking to fill many employment positions throughout the district. At Crissman, we are in need of Paraprofessionals for our AIM program and we also NEED LUNCH SUPERVISORS.

If you would like to be a LUNCH SUPERVISOR,

please call Mindi in our front office at 586-797-4300.

As a whole, we are still in need of bus drivers, as there is still a national shortage.

Please click the link below to apply!

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PTA News and Info

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Upcoming Events:

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Thank you for your support at Open House! We are excited for Raise Craze to begin in 10 days!

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Crissman Bus Numbers

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About our school

The mission of Crissman Elementary School, in partnership with parents and the community, is to provide a safe, positive and productive learning environment that fosters academic excellence and recognizes individual uniqueness. We will strive to prepare students for their future in an ever changing world.