European Countries

united kingdom

The united kingdom has a constitutional goverment and a Parliamentary democracy.The main leaders of the uk are david cameron who is the prime minister and queen elizabeth the second. the uk is unlimited and they are one of the european union members.A person who changed the world was Margaret Tatcher who became the first woman to becomea prime minister in the uk.One historical monument would be Buckingham Palace because its home to the queen.Uk's population is about 63,047,192 peopleand about 94,526 sq miles.In agriculture cereal,oilseeds,potatoes,vegetables,cattle sheep,and fish make it all.UK's GDP is about 2.288 trillion dollars and GDP per capital are about 36,500.their currentcy is pounds.famouse brands are Dove,British Airlines and lipton and most famouse their Yorrkshea tea.The language is mostly English and religion is mostly christian about 71.6%.


Greece has a constitutional republic and a parlimantery system witch inclides karolos Papoullia as president and Antonis Samaras as prime minister.Greece is unlimited and is part of the european union member.Greece has a poulation of about 10,767,827 people and a % of about 50,942 sq mi of land.Wheat,corn,sugar beets,olives,tomatoes,wine,tobaco,and beef are mostly their agriculture.Their GDP is about 308.3 billion dollars and their GDP per capital is about 27,600 dollars.their currentcy is an euro.Greece's language is greek and their religion is mostly greek orthodox about 98% and their ccultura foods are Moussaka,tropites,and baklava.


Italy is a republic including Georgio Napolitano as their president and mario Monti as their prime minister.Their unlimited and they are part of the European union member.A person who has and still is changing the world is pope francisco because he has a shown to be a different type of pope. Their population is about 61,261,254 people and their % of land is about 116,305 sq mi.GDP is 1,872 trillion dollars and their GDP per capital is about 30,900.Italy's currentcy is the euro and the language is italian. Chistianity is italy's most common religion and their cultural foods include pasta,pizza,bread and pepsi