The three emotions Lucy faces

"Impossible" by Nancy Werlin


In "Impossible" by Nancy Werlin, the main character Lucy, faces all kinds of different emotions throughout the book. The first emotion she feels is confusion. Her mother, Miranda, got pregnant at the age of 18 with Lucy and wrote a diary for Lucy to read when she is old enough to read it. She places it in Lucy's room and she finds it on her seventh birthday. However, she is not old enough to read it, so she forgets about it and looks back there to find it again on her Seventeenth birthday. She is very confused when she runs across this diary. She does not know what to think of this at first because it says that the females in her family are all cursed. They all get pregnant at the age of 18 and have to complete three "impossible" tasks before they give birth to their child so that they do not go insane, along with her daughter, and her daughter's daughter. She is confused on what to do and if she should believe it or not, as her mother is insane because she failed to complete the tasks before she gave birth to Lucy.
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Fear is another emotion Lucy faces. She is scared that she will fail to complete the three "impossible" tasks, and be doomed to go crazy along with her daughter, and so on. She does not want her daughter and her husband to have to deal with a crazy mother, and a crazy wife. She is scared that she will become just like her mother is: insane.
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Love is another emotion that Lucy deals with during the book. Lucy loves her childhood friend Zack, and decides to marry him. She feels love when he says that he loves her and wants to marry her. She loves him also, because she said "Yes" and married Zack! She also feels love for her unborn daughter.
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