Special Education Connection

Community Learning Network #2 April 2016

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PARCC Reminders

  • Testing will be administered from April 20th through June 3rd

  • Be certain to meet with your testing coordinator in order to provide input on development of the testing schedule and decisions around testing locations (access PARCC accommodation link for specific guidance http://www.parcconline.org/images/Assessments/Acccessibility/PARCC_Accessibility_Features__Accommodations_Manual_v.6_01_body_appendices.pdf

  • PARCC - Reminder for students with Verbatim Reading - there needs to be an Appendix-D uploaded in MDOIEP for students with this accommodation - please pay special attention to those students in third grade.

  • Work with the IEP Chairs and testing coordinators to ensure that the Instructional and Testing Accessibility Features and Accommodations Form is completed properly and timely.

  • AU Opportunity!

    Solving for Why; Understanding, Assessing, and Teaching Students who Struggle with Math

    PD Topic: K-8 Mathematical Instructional Best Practices

    Dates: April 18, 2016 – May 6, 2016

    Overview: This course will be a study of the text, Solving for Why. This researched-based text offers educators the tools and guidance essential for successfully solving for why students struggle with mathematics. The step-by-step, RTI (Response to Intervention)—like approaches, focused on assessment and com-munication with students, help teachers gain insight into student understanding in a remarkably different way than recipe-type approaches that assume the same solution applies to learners with similar struggles.

    Course Format: Blended-Learning which will incorporate face-to-face sessions as well as a webinar portion.

    Required Textbook: Solving for Why; Understanding, Assess-ing, and teaching Students Who Struggle with Math, by John Tapper

    How to Register: Professional Growth System (PGS) found on your Employee Self-Service Page.

    Professional Learning Community Session

    Topic: Fractions Progression

    Wednesday, April 20th 3:00-4:30 pm

    Location: Walter P. Carter

    This PLC session is open to all Special and General Education Teachers in CLN #2