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A weekly update from Carleton Middle School

A word from our sponsors

As you will read about in Clark's Corner, this week we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week and we spent the week honoring the adults in our building that do so much for the children. We have been working on this week for quite some time and I wanted to take a moment to thank all of those that have so graciously donated to our school community over the past few weeks. If you visit these establishments, please be sure to thank a manager or owner for their generosity and I apologize if I have inadvertently forgotten someone.

-El Charro's (14 and Utica)

- $3 Car Wash (13 and Mound)

-Buffalo Wild Wings (15 and Utica, 12 and Mound, 23 and Gratiot, Hall and Mound)

-Coco Bean Creamery and Café (15 and Dodge Park)

-Tim Horton's (15 and Van Dyke)

-Home Depot (16 and Van Dyke)

-Kay Chiropractic (13 and Hoover)

-Qdoba - (12 and Mound)

-Subway (15 and Schoenherr)

-Target (15 and Van Dyke)

-McDonald's (15 and Van Dyke)

-Orange Leaf (15 and Schoenherr)

-Duncan Donuts (14 and Schoenherr)

-Oasis Mediterranean Cuisine (Between 13&14 and Van Dyke)

-Pot Belly Sandwiches (12 and Mound)

I would also like to thank Tom and Jim from the local Knights of Columbus for their generous donation to our Special Education department this week.

As I look at the above list, I am reminded why I do not watch the news. The news is often filled with tragic, sad, and mean acts committed by various individuals. However, my take after reflecting on the generosity of our community is that kindness is alive and well.

Simply put, my heart is full. Thank you for a great week.

Good News

Thank you everyone that voted in our recent election to support our zero-rate millage renewal. Unofficially, there were about 70% of the voters that supported this renewal for the benefit of our students. I would also like to thank those that gave of their time and talents to inform voters about the renewal and its benefits. A job well done!

Ms. Lantto, Ms. Przybysz, and Ms. Syswerda were recognized this past Wednesday at the Board of Education meeting for being nominated for teacher of the year. Congratulations to all of you for representing Carleton in such a positive light.

Bravo to our 8th grade band, who received a Superior rating at State Festival last Saturday at Sterling Heights High School. I am impressed with your improvements since district festival.

Our track team is also off to a great start and has been "out running" the competition. Great job student athletes on your recent wins.

Clark's Corner

Parents, this week we have celebrated teacher appreciation week at Carleton Middle School and in honor of that week I would like to extend my appreciation to two very special groups of people.

First, to our teachers. This week our teachers have:

-made phone calls home to talk to a parent about education

-talked to our students about their joys and their troubles

-listened to students as they shared their feelings, thoughts, and opinions.

-given their family time up to plan lessons, grade papers, and have conversations about how to better educate our students.

-taken pride in our students accomplishments and encouraged our students to be better.

-shared a favorite book with our students

-opened their hearts and allowed our students into their lives.

The second group I would like to extend our appreciation for here at Carleton is our parents. Everyday I am reminded as my wife and I make time to read with, complete homework with, and educate our children how important all of you are as both parents and teachers of your children, our students. After having a few conversations with parents, I can tell you this week Carleton's parents have:

-helped our students study for a test.

-reviewed our students writing.

-discussed why our students got questions wrong in hopes they would get them right the next time.

-taken time they need to clean the house, go to the gym, or simply rest and given it to our students to further their education.

-discussed school and why it is important with our students.

-and impacted education in many other ways.

A hearty thank you to the teachers here at Carleton both at school and at home.

Events for Your Calendar

May 10 - Track Meet at Warren Mott High School

May 11- Festival of the Arts - Warren Community Center Auditorium, 6pm

May 13 - Title I Field Trip to the Detroit Zoo

May 15 - Track Meet at Warren Mott High School

May 15 - Booster Club Meeting, 6pm