Rawsonville "Tiger Talk"

June Newsletter, Issued: June 1, 2023

Important Dates

8th - 4th grade Student Game night 6-7:30pm, $5 a student

9th - Field Day


  • Popcorn Day $.50 a bag
  • Kindergarten Celebration, 2:30pm, kindergarten families welcome
  • Final Lucky Charm day for Mileage Club
  • Spirit Day, wear your school Orange and Black or Happy Camper T-Shirt


  • Half Day, out at 12:31pm
  • 4th grade Promotion ceremony, 10:30am, families welcome
  • Half Day, out at 12:31pm
  • Last day for backpacks
  • Half Day, out at 12:31pm
  • Kona Ice here, $3-$6 is the range for an icy
  • 4th Grade clap out at 11:30am - families welcome
  • Last day of school

Summer Links

Located near you in either The Ypsilanti Public Library, The Canton Library or The Beautiful downtown Belleville Library, have many resources to keep our young readers engaged all summer long.




All libraries have in person and digital resources available to use as well as in-person youth and adult programming.


2023 Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation - Ypsilanti Camp

June 26th-August 17th: Monday - Thursday: 9am-4pm

$25 a week

West Willow

New Covenant Church

2345 Tyler Rd



Grace Fellowship Community Life Center

1375 S. Harris Rd


Superior Twp

Christian Love Fellowship

1601 Stamford Rd

Superior Twp

To register: washtenaw.org/parks to download the form or parksonline.ewashtenaw.org to register online. Drop off printed form at 2230 Platt Rd, Ann Arbor

Any questions contact: Karen Harris, 734.971.6337 x 324 or harrisk@washtenaw.org

**You do NOT have to be a Washtenaw County resident to attend**


More links of places to go and things to do around Michigan this summer:






Rawsonville's Afterschool Activities

Spring Clubs

ALL Grades - Book Nook Tutoring - Tues-Wed-Thurs through June 14, 4:10-5pm

3rd & 4th Grades- Shining Stars Youth Club (Mrs. Gyulveszi) - ends June 12th

Principal's Pen...

Hello Tiger Families,

Can you believe that June is here in full bloom! Our kids have grown so much this school year in their academics and their social behavior maturity as well. We are so thrilled with how much learning took place this year. Our reading and our math scores improved drastically. We are so proud of our students academic growth this year. As a reminder, summer reading helps keep kids on grade level when they return in the fall. Kids that read and/or write about summer vacations, activities, visiting the zoo, traveling to see family members in other states or amusement parks are cool things and places they can read and write about to keep those skills sharp. It has been my pleasure working with you and your families this school year, thank you again for entrusting us with your most precious gems (your babies) we hope to see many returning faces in the fall and we are sending our proud well wishes to our 4th graders that are going to Owen next school year. Have a safe and enjoyable summer, "Sharpen The Saw!"

Your Educational Partner,

Mrs. Bryant, Ed. S

The Passionate Principal

Hello from Kindergarten!

Happy Summer!

First, a few notes to help prepare your child for 1st grade.

  1. We can't stress enough the importance of reading and sight word practice over the summer. It makes a huge difference in the fall.
  2. In math, continue to build an understanding of addition and subtraction, recognizing numbers to 100, counting to 100 by 1's, 10's, and 5's.

Second, please remember that your child needs a water bottle until June 21st.

We have truly enjoyed getting to know and teach your children this school year!

Here we come 1st Grade!

Mrs. Bianchi, Ms. Binert, and Mrs. Coleman

Hello First Grade Families!

Happy June! 🌞

It is so hard to believe that it is already June! This year has given us the chance to work with your children and watch them learn and grow! We are so proud of all of the children and hope that everyone has a wonderful summer vacation!

Make sure to have your children do a little reading, writing, and math each day over the summer. They have worked so hard this year and we don't want them to slide backward over the summer vacation. All of the children will bring home a Summer Activity Calendar with a simple activity each day to help them keep their skills sharpened. Visiting your local Public Library is a great way to find new favorite books and even some old familiar ones. The library has great summer reading programs with fun incentives for the kiddos, too! Make sure to check it out! Have a wonderful summer!

Your First Grade Teachers,

Mrs. Garden, Mrs. Mounsey, & Mrs. Stremer

Hello Second Grade Families!

Happy End of the Year Families! We are at the home stretch now.

Just a few things to remember for the summer. Please, please, have your child read every night. Research studies have shown that if students do absolutely no reading over the summer they can fall one to two grade levels below. We don't want that to happen. So please read, read, read and practice reading and writing those red words. Also, ask your child questions from the story they are reading: who are the characters, what happened (plot), when was this happening, where did the story take place, what was the problem (if there was one), how was the problem solved. Ask your child to do a retell from the story read.

It would be a great idea for your child to keep a writing Journal over the summer to keep their writing skills sharp.

Have your child practice their addition and subtraction facts, telling time, money identification, counting money, giving back change, and measuring items around the house.

The weather is finally getting warmer, please make sure your child is dressed for the weather.

As always, if you need anything or have a question please get in touch with us. We appreciate your help and support this school year with your child's education!

Good luck to all the students in third grade!

Your Second Grade Team

Mrs. Albulov, Ms. Carlin, and Mrs. Tibbs

Hello 3rd Grade families!

Happy Summer Families!

Please take the time this summer to prepare your students for 4th grade.

Practice multiplication, division, and fractions for math. Also, it is important to continue to read 10/10/10 with your child for 4th grade success! Read 10 minutes by themselves, read 10 minutes out loud, and you read 10 minutes to your child.

Third grade has been a success and we hope you will continue to teach your children over the summer. Thank you for all you do at home for the success of your child at school!

Enjoy your summer break and keep on learning!

The Third Grade Team,

Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Burton, Mrs. Cunningham, & Mrs. Roberson

Happy June 4th Grade Tigers!

It is truly hard to believe that this is the end of the school year already! Our team is so excited for our 4th graders to be the future 5th graders at Owen Intermediate. Please check your email for a notification from Assistant Principal, Mrs. Smith, with another Owen visitation opportunity for parents/students on June 7th. There are many exciting events that are planned for our 4th graders at Rawsonville, so please mark your calendars:

  • June 8th: Game Night 6pm-7:30 ($5.00 fee),
  • June 19th: Promotion Ceremony 10:30am, and
  • June 21st: Clap-Out 11:30am (families, please line up along the sidewalk)

Looking ahead, we would like to encourage all of our students to enrich their summer with continued learning to be strongly prepared for 5th grade. All it takes is a daily regiment routine of 1 hour a day. Our team will be sending home a printed ELA and Math packet of skills that were covered this year. Reviewing these skills will greatly help prevent summer learning loss.

Multiplication.com is a website (free signup for students & parents) to interactively practice multiplication and division with games, picture stories, and animated movies. How cool is that! Families, you can even generate reports to track your child's growth.

Also, don't forget to visit the Rawsonville Media page which is filled with many reading websites to practice comprehension and fluency for both fiction and nonfiction (focus on literary story elements, text features, text structures, word development, and metacognition).

Importantly, don't forget to write! Look at the environment around you and write a descriptive paragraph using sensory adjectives, create schedules, lists or write a recipe with "How to Steps", create a reader's theater emphasizing dialogue/narrator's voice/stage directions, keep a journal of your daily activities and personal thoughts, write an informational essay about places that you have visited, or write a persuasive essay to convince your family of something special to do together. Congratulations 4th grade! You strived this year with personal best and have succeeded! We will always believe in YOU! Enjoy your new journey at Owen Intermediate School.

Educationally yours,

Mrs. Ali, Ms. Dagenais, and Mrs. Gyulveszi

Special Education Services!

Summer Tips for Parents

Children have a lot of free time on their hands and it can be overwhelming to maintain their day-to-day activities. So how can parents keep their children structured, organized and active in the summer months?

Schedule fun. Together with your children, come up with your summer “bucket list” or list of activities the family wants and can afford to do this summer—trip to the zoo, beach vacation, backyard camping adventure, etc.

Resist the urge to overschedule. During the school year, parents know exactly when and where their kids will be each day. When it comes to the summer, parents often feel a need to schedule every minute of the day from drama camp to soccer practice to carpools to the park. While having a consistent routine is important, it’s also imperative to allow time for unstructured downtime. Set aside time each day. The biggest mistake parents can make is getting caught up in all of those posts and pictures of other parents’ summer activities on social media. So, whether it’s running through the sprinkler together, roasting marshmallows in the backyard or even just counting the stars on a blanket before bedtime, do at least one thing a day to connect and have fun.

Encourage your child to try something new this summer. There’s no time like the summer to encourage your child to try a new activity. Maybe he wants to take swimming lessons, or a painting class, take-up a new sport or attend a summer camp. New activities encourage brain development and build your child’s focus and creativity. But remember, don’t go overboard in the scheduling of activities!

Limit technology. When it’s hot outside and kids are bored, screen time has a way of swallowing up all of their time. Parents can easily fall into the trap of technology becoming the babysitter. Replace that screen time with daily reading and regular trips to the library. Books open the imagination and creativity in every child.

Create structure and set boundaries. Summer routines are sure to be different than school routines, but it’s important to remember the necessity of routines. Children need to be freed of the tight structure of the school year, but they also need the security of knowing that some things will remain the same. Keep the same bedtime, maintain the same chore schedule, etc. You can easily discourage behavioral problems by ensuring a structured environment.

Mrs. Hogg, Mrs. Van’t Hof, Mrs. Libs, Mrs. Tanana, Mrs. Adelmann

Coaches Corner

For June we will return back to the local public library to talk about the Michigan Activity Pass. plymouthrockets.com/michiganactivitypass/ . The Michigan Activity Pass allows people to check out admission passes to local cultural attractions in Michigan for free. The participating attractions change annually, but have included places such as the Legoland Discovery Center, Jiffy Mix Factory Tour, several Metroparks and State Parks and campgrounds, the Michigan Science Center, the Detroit Historical Museum, Belle Isle, and the Detroit Zoo.

If you don’t have a library card, be sure to head to your local public library to take advantage of the Michigan Activity Pass. Belleville Library: https://www.belleville.lib.mi.us/ Ypsilanti Library: https://www.ypsilibrary.org/

Best wishes!

Mrs. Karaba

Student Support Specialist

Hello Parents!

The Distinguished Gentlemen's Club would like to thank you all for supporting the First Lady/Sons dance. It was a great experience to say the least.

Moving forward we're looking to make the Distinguished Gentlemen's Club even bigger and better! We will be adding more athletic and mentoring opportunities in the future! Have an awesome Summer!

Mr. McMichael

Art, Media, Music, and Physical Education

All of the Specials teachers (Art, Physical Education, Media & Music), hope you have a safe and relaxing summer. Be creative, play outside, visit your local library and listen to some groovy music! We look forward to seeing you back again on August 28th!

Mrs. Vago - Media/Technology

Ms. Nelson - Music

Ms. Glime, Mrs. TenBroeck & Ms. Guy- Art

Mrs. Walker - Physical Education

Intervention helps our students READ!

Congratulations Rawsonville Tigers! We've made it to June! This year has been full of learning fun and adventure! We've had so many great times working together this year, focusing on reaching and achieving our reading goals. We've been working hard utilizing our reading strategies such as, making predictions during a picture walk, understanding text features, sounding out, blending, and chunking letters to figure out unknown words, summarizing a story and so much more!

With summer approaching, please remember to continue to practice your 10-10-10 everyday: 10 minutes of reading on your own, 1- minutes of reading with a partner and 10 minutes of someone reading to you! You can also checkout our Rawsonville Reads Bedtime stories where we have teachers, students, and community members reading a variety of wonderful stories!

Happy reading Tigers!

Mrs. Swingle and Mrs. Tredway

PTO needs YOU!

A big thank-you to all of our volunteers that have helped us over this school year! Without your assistance, we couldn't have made all of our events so successful! Have a great Summer & see you in the Fall!

Parent Engagement Coordinator

This is it!!! What we've all been waiting for. FIELD DAY!! To make this event as amazing as possible, especially for our 4th graders, we need all the volunteers we can get. We are looking forward to using newly purchased games, good music, snacks, and having loads of fun! The more volunteers...the more activity stations we can have. Our kiddos have worked hard all year, let's end with fireworks!!!

Field Day will be held, Friday, June 9th! Please contact the office for more information regarding getting a background check completed before it's too late.

Can't wait to see you there!

Mrs. Walker, Parent Engagement Coordinator

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The 7 Habits of Happy Kids

What all families should know about The Bus!

Hello Families,

Please remember that students must remain in their seats on the bus at all time, students can not hop seats or hang over the back of seats. This is to keep all kids safe during the bus ride. Students with great bus behavior can be rewarded with "Bus Tiger Tickets" and get a chance for their names to be entered for a prize.

Your Partners in Education,

Mrs. Bryant and Mrs. Banks

Staying Healthy is important for kids and schools

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This is a quick reminder to be mindful of a few things as we navigate the allergy season. It is important that we work together to keep our children healthy.

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at

dmunoz@vanburenschools.net or 734-697-1019


Dionisia Munoz

VBPS District Nurse

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