Lesson Plan First Grade

Living and Nonliving Items!

Goal: Students will correctly identify the difference between living and nonliving items with 85% accuracy.

Student Learning Objectives and Standards

Standard - 3.1.1.A1

Categorize living and nonliving things by external characteristics.


The students will be asked to share what they know about living items and nonliving items. The first graders will be called on and their responses will be listed on the chalk board. After the group discussion, the class will watch the video “Living and Nonliving Things” on the smart-board.


Formative assessment

The students will be given a worksheet on living and nonliving items and complete the worksheet independently. The students will have to color in the living items and circle the nonliving items.


Summative assessment

After the students respond to the questions on the worksheet, the first graders will be assigned an art project to complete independently. The students will need to cut out pictures of living and nonliving items from magazines and place the pictures on a construction paper. Both the worksheet assignment and the art assignment will demonstrate if the first graders have learned the differences between living and

nonliving items.

Books, Materials, Resources, Websites, Technology Used

-Blackboard, Chalk, Smart-board, Internet Access, Glue, Markers, Magazines, Construction paper, Crayons, Scissors

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Teaching Strategies Used

Discussion, Direct Instruction, Guided Practice, Independent Practice, QAR- Question and Response, Hands-on activity