By: Makayla Knutson

Typing Web: Typed

Typing Web is a very good site to use if you want to become a better typist. This year we used Typing Web and we had to finish the intermediate course, which I finished early. Typing Web focuses on technique and you do everything as to letters, punctuation, upper case, lower case, everything. I became a much better typist this year.

iTrailer/iMovie: About Us

iTrailer is a very cool app where you can create your very own movie or trailers. They are just like when you see trailers for a movie. We used this app to make our very own iTrailers about something about us or about our families. It was cool because I didn't know a lot of thing about my classmates that I do now.

Haiku Deck: Dream Job

We used this really cool app after Mr. Noe came in and talked about our feature jobs. Than we picked our dream job and we used it to make a presentation about our dream jobs. It was cool because I got to see what all the people in my class want to be when they get older.

Explain Everything: Math Problem

We used Explain Everything to do a math problem. This is the second project we did. On explain everything you can type, draw, record your voice, and alot more. We had to choose a problem out of multiple of them, they were pretty though. It was just to show how the app worked and what you can all do on it.

Go Animate: 2 Truths and a Lie

Go animate is a animated cartoon kind of thing. So you can make your people do anything be pretty much anywhere and almost do anything you want, the sky is you limit. We did 2 truths and 1 lie so it was kind of a fun one to do and mess around with the site, and learn more about it. In this one i also learned more about the people in my class.

Career Locker: Mr. Noe Talked About Jobs

During this project Mr. Noe came in to teach us about jobs and how much opening will be available and everything down to paychecks. I think it was really fun and now I know a little more of what I wanna be when I get older. We also took a lot of test to see what jobs would be good for us, using our personality talents and etc..