Apps for Spanish 10

Maria's top 5 apps

Gadget no. 5: Study Blue

With Study Blue you can create flashcards using text, video, images, etc., you can test yourself and track your progress.

For example, students can be given a category for vocabulary and complete 10-20 flashcards. They can also join other students to practice together.

Gadget No. 4: Videolicious

With Videolicious you can create high-quality videos from photos, video, or audio that you have stored in your phone.
For example, students can work in small groups to create a sketch, a song, or a dialogue using conversational elements learned in class (e.g., greetings, giving directions, etc.)
Creating Mini-Documentaries with Videolicious

Gadget No. 3: Fluent U

Fluent U - Spanish has a collection of videos from the web: songs, commercials, movie trailers, which makes the experience more authentic and engaging. You can pause the video, look up words, use captions and take their quizzes!

Students can choose a video from a list, work with groups or individually to come up with words related to a category (e.g.: look, define and give the context for words related to professions and interests).

Gadget No. 2: Subtext

Subtext is a great app to accompany readings. While it's used mostly in English, teachers can import any PDF or e-book and highlight passages, start discussions, create groups, add external links or make their own annotations.

This would be a great opportunity for advanced students who can follow discussions based on a Spanish short story, for example.

Gadget No. 1: Learn Spanish Phrasebook

A Spanish phrasebook-dictionary that you can keep on your phone, useful for travelling abroad or simply if you want to refresh your Spanish skills.

Students can use this app during class to quickly search up for words while listening to audio and videos in the class.

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