The northern saw-whet owl

Where they live and how they die

Pages 35 -36 North American Owls

Pages 35-36 in "The Book Of North American Owls" it tells how the owls are losing their habitat and how they are dying out. Scientific studies of owls show that 96 percent of owls are killed by humans. DDT kills owl's eggs and then there are less owls. Owls eat some rodents that have DDT in them. Then the egg shells crack and the owls die. People cut down trees where owls are living and then they do not have a habitat to live.

Northern Saw-Whet Owl

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Pages 37-38

Pages 37 and 38 in the book called ''The Book of North American Owls'' tells about what has been killing owls like DDT. Also, people have been trying to save owls from going extinct. DDT softens the shells of owls eggs. Owls are also dying with loss of habitat because people are building houses. Ways people are trying to save owls, are farmers are building owl boxes for the owls to live in their barns. Another thing people are doing is scientists are studying baby owlets to see how they live. Something else people are doing is preserving hollow logs and old church steeples.
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Habitat- Place where someone lives

DDT- An insecticide that is bad for birds

Rodent- A small mammal

Owlet- A baby owl

Extinct- When an animal dies out

Steeple- A tip on a church