Finding Love and Belonging

The character Ariel in the drama "The Tempest" written by William Shakespeare, it talks about a little fairy named Ariel that is a servant to Prospero. Prospero freed he/she from Sycorax's evil trap making him/she his servant. Ariel is eager to do Prospero's work to be freed from being Prospero’s servant and figure out where he belongs. Ariel is show as a sweet fairy looking for a place to call his own or belong to something special.

Ariel's Conflict: Character Vs. Self

Ariel’s conflicts begins with its quest for freedom and it reminds Prospero of his promise of freedom which upsets him (Prospero). I feel his conflict was mainly with his self he wanted to be free from Prospero but he also wanted to be accepted and loved by Prospero.


Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Ariel belongs in the love in belonging category of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs because though out the play Ariel is shown begging and working for his freedom. Yet he wants to please his master (Prospero) wanting his approval and acceptance.