Rape Culture

Let's Take That Crap Down

Why Does Rape Culture Matter?

Rape Culture- is the ways in which society blames victims of sexual assault and normalizes male sexual violence. It may be unintentional, but attacks pop culture and society from every angle.

We as a society are too permissive on the issue of rape. If we hate and work against rapists so much, why do we allow them to walk free? Why do we allow songs that openly portray and support rape like 'Blurred Lines' to hit our top charts?

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I found these statistics from hercampus.com, and found some shocking other information. One in 15 men have committed rape, and 1/3 of rape happens to girls between the ages of 11 and 17.

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The graphic above describes the horrors inflicted by rape that so many people refuse to acknowledge. These are real facts, it's really interesting to see things how they are.

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What we see above is in no way acceptable, and yet very few people even know enough to protest against it.

#BNV14: Finals, Los Angeles "Rape Joke"

But What Can We Do?

The only thing to do is to refuse to stand for this any longer. Start discussions with friends and family, participate in events like PeaceOverViolence's Annual Denim Day, share posts and propose changes to a local school-board or lawmaker. If everyone steps up, if everyone shares the word, this injustice won't last forever. Rape is a crime, not fun or a joke, and it's about dang time we treat it as such. If we are permissive with the behavior, it will only grow.


For more information, there are plenty of organizations that hold studies and events to prevent rape and fight for awareness of the general public. A few are listed below.






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