LT9 News and Notes

Active Listening Lessons

A class goal is to find ways to reduce stress and strengthen interpersonal skills. Your student covered Active Listening Strategies in depth this week.

One thing that the students have requested is that the teachers, administrators, and their family members try to do more active listening without trying to fix their problems or give advice.

It's very easy to say "when I was your age..." or "these problems are so small compared to when you're older."

We challenge you all to let the kids talk, ask open ended questions, paraphrase, and reflect. Try not to dismiss, give advice, or fix the problem unless they ask you to. It's difficult but they appreciate you making the attempt.

It's Not About The Nail

1st Big Project

The Active Listening Lessons will come with a project that the students will do in small groups.

They'll receive a test grade for prep work which will involve writing a short script of Active Listening examples. They'll also receive a test grade for presenting the skits to the class.

Instructions, a Checklist, and Rubrics are on Schoology. Email your student's Path teacher for their class Parent Code so that you can have your own access to the course. This is also something you can do for all of your student's classes.

October 10 Reminder

Please chat with your students about understanding that October 10th is the end of the 1st grading quarter. Makeup and late work must be completed by then.

Make certain that you and your student are checking for Missings and reaching out to teachers this week. It's stressful for both students and families to wait until the last week of the quarter.

PATH Speaker Series

Please ask how they did on their UIL academic practice tests! Your student tried 10 minute math and vocab/spelling competition tests. We're looking for those who enjoyed the challenge.

We heard from Mr. Henry, Mr. Huffaker, and Mr. Brown. They are all UIL Academic coaches looking for competitors.

To find out more about UIL Academics see the Google Slide below and please have your student email

We heard from representatives from the Swim Team. e heard tips like, "Ask your teachers questions" and "Try Money Matters class and On Ramps courses."

If you are interested in being a guest speaker please email

Big picture

School Google Drive Organization Checks

it's time to begin on our BIM credit work. PATH's curriculum gives our students a tech credit through technology lessons.

Our first BIM assignment is learning how to organize their electronic documents in their school Google Drive. They will need to create a digital folder for each of their classes. Please ask your students to show you their Google Drive Home and if they have their folders set up.

Many of our students have documents from middle school. Instead of deleting items they may like to keep, they can simply create a folder for it all.

Last Week's Lessons

Digital Age for the New Generation

Effective Collaboration Stategies

Active Listening

Next Week's Work

Active Listening Project

Meet your PATH Team

Important Items Needed

* Please encourage your student to communicate to their PATH teacher for supplies if needed. We have extras.

Weekly/Monthly Planner

We are grading on Task Management and Productivity, so this is essential. We will be asking their core teachers what important dates they wish for their students have have down and we will be checking and grading those items.

1"-1.5" 3 Ring Binder

We will also grade Organization in this class. If your students like tabs or pockets, those items would be helpful to get for them.