Clean Water!!!

The facts

3 countries

Germany- Compared to the US in the world ranking scale on water quality it ranks 8th while the US ranks 19th. It is known to have some of the cleanest and safest to drink tap water. Even though they have more pollution in the water naturally they filter out mostly all of it.

Japan- Although drinking water quality and the quality of waste water discharged into open watercourses typically exceed national standards, water quality in rivers and lakes still does not meet environmental standards. The water does meet the standards of sanitation, but they do follows their own requirements.

Ethiopia- This country has 82 million people, and only 42% of the population has access to improved/clean water. The total sanitation percentage is only 11%.

How we can help Ethiopia!

  • Some of the things that you yourself could do to aid in the Ethiopia getting clean water is to donate money towards them.
  • You could start a group to spread the word about the problem and try to get business partners to back you up
  • Have your message reach politicians and other key figures
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