Say Rayburn Lake

Come fish in one of the largest lakes in Texas!


- Over 17 years of age

- Born after Jan. 1, 1931

- Not mentally disabled


Species - Largemouth bass, Bluegill, Channel catfish, Crappie, White bass

Regulation - 5 fish, 12-18 inch slot length limit

Texas Records - Largemouth bass - 16.8 lbs, 28.75", 5/31/97 White bass - 4.75 lbs, 22.5", 7/17/2010 Bluegill - 0.75 lbs, 10", 4/28/2008

Best way to fish for these fish is to have good weather, good bait, and a good strong reflex on your fishing rod!

Most common fish!

Endangered species in this region - Southwestern Willow Flycatcher, Houston Toad, Whooping Crane

Major invasive threats to keep an eye out for - Zebra Mussels, Giant Salvinia, Lionfish

Sharelunker Program - Largemouth bass weighing 13 plus pounds, legally caught in Texas waters, weighed on certified or legal for trade scales.

Ray Euper is the only one in this program at the moment

Stocking - 501,113 Fingerling size