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Issue #5 - Feedback

April 3, 2018

Efficient and Effective Feedback in the Online Classroom

By Dr B Jean Mandernach

Source: https://www.magnapubs.com/magna-commons/?video=3216

(See Magna Commons instructions below for free CSU subscription instructions to this source. Presentation handouts, full transcripts and supplementary resources are available for download if you don't have time to listen to the seminar)

“Effective feedback is a critical component of the learning process for online students. It serves an important role in keeping them motivated and engaged. Learn a set of strategies for reducing feedback’s burden while maintaining the high quality that contributes so much to students’ growth and learning.”

There is often a disconnection between the instructional activities that have the most impact on student learning and the activities that take up the most lecturer time. In the online environment where personalised individual feedback is so important, this seminar examines the barriers to implementation of effective feedback practices, the most prominent of these being the available time.

In this 60-minute seminar, Dr Mandernach draws on her background in communication to provide techniques to decrease the amount of time needed for providing feedback without sacrificing quality. The three broad categories discussed are:

  1. Time management
  2. Automation of repetitive feedback
  3. A holistic approach to feedback.

Feedback strategies include:

  1. Feedforward
  2. One-to-many
  3. Peer-to-peer
  4. Multimedia

Different media options are addressed, including the advice to coordinate with tech support at your own university.

Feedback support sources at CSU

To help you provide effective feedback to students, check out the following:

NORFOLK - the CSU paperless marking and feedback system

CSU Replay - an easy & effective way to create video feedback

Learning Technologies - the starting point for a range of feedback options

Technologies in Context: CSU Learning Exchange - a searchable database to promote online learning and teaching strategies

The CSU wiki - a faculty-based source of learning and teaching information and strategies

Feedback on assessment - providing effective and efficient assessment feedback and developing marking rubrics

and Further Reading on feedback - prompts to further your own research

FoBJBS Symposium, Wagga April 12-13 - David Boud on "Rethinking and redesigning feedback for greater impact on learning"

Transforming Assessment Webinar on the topic of FEEDBACK

Transforming Assessment Webinar (An ASCILITE SIG)

Next session: 4 Apr 2018.

Shades of meaning: nuance in written and audio feedback

Presenters: Elena (Ellie) Woodacre and Sandy Stockwell (University of Winchester, UK)

This session will explore findings from research into the intriguing differences between student and tutor perceptions of feedback comments, particularly tutor intention as opposed to student interpretation. We will highlight responses from student interviews and provide 'takeaway' suggestions on how we might enhance best practice on giving feedback to students.

Further information and registration (free): http://ta.vu/4apr2018

Bonus CSU resource - Lynda.com for Feedback

All CSU students and staff members have access to Lynda.com, an online subscription library that teaches the latest business, creative and software skills through high-quality instructional videos.

A search for 'feedback', with a filter for Higher Education returned 531 results ranging from general principles of providing feedback to the specifics of various tools and applications for creating and developing formative and summative feedback.

Magna Commons

In this week’s bulletin we are continuing to draw from our new

CSU subscription to the Magna Commons series of online seminars.

A Magna Commons search for the keywords 'feedback' produced a list of 30 seminars relevant to this theme, including this week's feature. Other titles:

  • Incorporating 360-Degree Assessment into Your Classroom (60 minutes, 2018)
  • Engage Online Students with Targeted Feedback (60 minutes)
  • Assessment Strategies for Flipped Learning Experiences (60 minutes)

Presentation handouts, full transcripts and supplementary resources are available for download if you don't have time to listen to the seminar.

How to subscribe and login.

Staff with a CSU email address can obtain the Magna Commons CSU subscription code from Ellen McIntyre elmcintyre@csu.edu.au

The link below this week's bulletin heading (above) will go straight to the presentation if you are logged in to Magna Commons. Otherwise, clicking will take you to the login page and then to “Results” page. Search for “Feedback”.

Invitation to Contract Cheating Workshops

CSU colleagues who are interested in assessment design and academic integrity are invited to an interactive workshop on contract cheating and assessment design, to be held at Victoria University on 18 April and UNSW on 9 May.

Further information can be obtained by downloading the flyers at the bottom of this bulletin, OR

through the Contract Cheating and Assessment website at https://cheatingandassessment.edu.au/events/

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