Mrs. Elliott's Crews News

Week of October 17-21

Our Week in Review

Hi everyone! It was a great week in 3rd grade. The students worked so hard on learning to write constructed responses, we started our unit on coding, and they were assigned to their new science group for this new 9 weeks! I am looking so forward to all the great events we have coming up these next couple of weeks.


  • Chapters 1-3 of Charlotte's Web
  • Constructed Responses connected with Charlotte's Web- Students are learning to use text evidence to support an answer about a story or passage.
  • Vocabulary- We will look at homophones, which are words that sound the same, but are spelled different and have different meaning.


  • Critiquing Constructed Responses
  • Writing Constructed Responses


  • Unit 9: long -ee and -ea
  • The words this week will have vowels that say their name.


  • Multiplication models
  • Multiplication story problems

Algebra Builder homework quiz be Friday, October 21st. Please be reviewing math homework #17, #19, and #21.


  • We will continue our unit on coding
  • Students are working with their science group to create a maze. Once they create the maze, they will work to program a robot to go through the maze without hitting any walls!


  • Our field trip to the Quarry is this Tuesday, October 18th. Please see the field trip note that is coming home in folders today.

  • Kona Ice is next Thursday, October 20th.

  • Our class' Parenting Day session will be Thursday, October 20th from 9:45-10:35, with lunch to follow from 10:38-11:03.

  • CVES will have Parenting Sessions throughout the day on Friday, October 21st.