Newt News 2/14/22

The periodic newsletter for the Linworth Experiential world.

fry pies are coming!

Order your Fry Pies now for Pi Day (and support Parent Board)! These are delicious, freshly baked, hand pie desserts from Amish country! Pick-up is on Friday, March 11, at Linworth from 4-7 pm. Order deadline is Monday, March 7, at 10 pm.


busy week is coming

Monday, February 28, is the annual Linworth Forum (see the next post). It is neither Orange nor Green.

Tuesday, March 1, is the ACT Administration for Juniors (see below).

Friday, March 4, is the end of the 3rd quarter. Encourage your student to sprint to the finish line.

Regarding Tuesday:

  • All Worthington high schools will administer the state-funded ACT to all 11th grade students during the school day. This ACT administration is free to all 11th grade students. All juniors will automatically be enrolled to take the test. Linworth, Academy, and half-day DACC students will take the test at their home school.
  • In order to provide focused time and attention to the ACT, the morning will be dedicated to testing only. All 11th grade students are required to report to school at their regular time for testing. We will use a delayed start of school for 9th, 10th, and 12th grade students.

This is a Green day. We are running Green C & Green D. The main campuses are running periods 5-8.

Classes start (on all campuses) at 12:20. Freshman and Sophomore students are not obligated to arrive before that time.

  • For 11th grade students, school buses will run at their regularly scheduled times for arrival.

  • For 9th and 10th grade students, school buses will run on approximately a 3-hour delay for arrival.

    • Students on buses will arrive at the main campuses around 10:00 a.m.

    • Shuttles transporting 9th and 10th grade students to Linworth will leave the main campus at 10:15.


​​The Linworth Forum

The Linworth Forum is an experiential education activity that brings engaging speakers to Linworth students. Classes will be canceled on Monday, February 28, and the school day will be divided into 60-minute blocks with speakers for students to see in a conference-style format. The Linworth Forum will shed light on how students can leverage their talents and interests to forge their own path in life. The Linworth Forum will bring speakers to Linworth who can address a wide range of topics, including: discovering and following your passion; overcoming adversity and roadblocks; collaboration and interdisciplinary partnerships; innovation and outside-the-box thinking; and how to be an agent of change — both large and small.

The four presentation blocks are 8:00-9:00 AM, 9:15-10:15 AM, 10:30-11:30 AM, and 12:30-1:30 PM.

Here are a couple confirmed biographies:

Jackie Arcy, Linworth class of 2003, is an Associate Professor of New Media and the Director of Graduate Studies at University of Wisconsin- Parkside. Her passion for teaching started at Linworth when she taught her first Gender Studies class. She pursued a B.A. and M.A. in Gender Studies and an Ph.D. in Critical Media Studies, and now focuses her research on television, digital media and culture, and feminist media studies.

Lindsey Rome, Linworth class of 2000, is a photographer, visual artist and songwriter. Her interest in photography started while at Linworth and she participated in The Fort Hayes Vocational Photography program her junior and senior years. She went on to pursue a photography degree in New York City from The School of Visual Arts. After working for many years in NYC and traveling the world photographing and filming musicians and fashion, she moved to Nashville with her musician husband and began working in the music industry in other capacities. She now continues to make art and write songs while raising a family.


interim--March 28-April 1

Interim is a period of time that has been set aside for individual experiential learning experiences. It is an opportunity for students to identify and pursue an area of interest not normally found in traditional school classes. Interim is an important part of the Linworth Program and is consistent with our desire to develop responsible, self-directed learners.

The basic idea is easy to understand. Students pick something about which they want to learn more. They then develop a plan to learn this information. The plan must involve a minimum of 30 hours of time on the project. Next they carry out the plan. Finally, they evaluate the experience and make a short presentation to a small group of students and staff.

Interim Advisors are due Friday. 61% of our students have one and I'm bugging the rest. Feel free to bug your kid. Haha.


Interim Workshop Planning Committee

Covid has canceled Interim for the past two years. The majority of current Linworth students have never participated in an official interim. The lack of student experience combined with the limitations imposed by Covid safety parameters, has us concerned that Interim will not offer the learning experience it should. Many students (and their parents) may struggle to know where to start or how to plan for Interim. Our hope is that by providing a series of workshops during the week, it may alleviate the planning and stress surrounding Interim and still allow for students to partake in experiential, hands-on learning.

We are looking for mentors to teach a workshop during the week of March 28 to April 1, 2022. Workshop leaders need no prior experience teaching, only an idea and a desire to teach. We can help with the rest!


Questions? Email
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COVID Exposure Notification

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Worthington Schools has made every attempt to keep our students, families and community aware of how the virus was impacting our schools. Our dashboard continues to be updated each weekday to display cases and quarantines throughout the district. In addition to this tool, our health office professionals identify positive cases, close contacts and symptomatic students. When this occurs, they continue to contact families and apply the updated guidance from Columbus Public Health.

Until recently, our administrators and health office personnel have also been using the student case data to individually track school and bus schedules and send emails to families that may have been near a COVID case. With the significant increase in cases in our high schools, we are creating a more efficient process than sending a large number of individual emails to families. Starting next week, we will provide Linworth families a COVID report from our building with relevant information and trends from the week in our Friday newsletter. We are hopeful that this update and our other communication strategies will meet the needs of our school community in this stage of our experience with COVID.

Below are our distribution numbers for new events each day last week.

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dine to donate

Upcoming dine to donate events:

March 2: Hot Chicken Takeover (Polaris) 4-8 pm (another calendar item in Busy Week!)


another easy way to help parent board

Please consider donating your My Coke Rewards points to Linworth Parent Board.


College Credit Plus

College Credit Plus provides Worthington high school students the opportunity to potentially earn college and high school credit at the same time and at no cost to your family. Interested Linworth Experiential Program students/guardian need to do the following:

1. Visit the two links below. The first video is an overview of College Credit Plus delivered by the Ohio Department of Education and the second is a video on how Worthington City Schools implements College Credit Plus in our buildings and additional offerings.

Ohio’s College Credit Plus presentation

Worthington Schools College Credit Plus Slideshow

2. Return the Intent to Participate form to Laura.

Linworth students interested in participating in the College Credit Plus Program during the 2022 summer, 2022 fall, and/or 2023 spring semesters must submit the Intent to Participate Form to Laura no later than May 1st, 2022.


Course drop deadline

Wednesday, February 16.


what you need to know about seals

After 2022, all students are must earn 2 seals; one of those two seals must be a state seal.

There are 12 seals (9 state seals and 3 local seals) that students can try to earn.

  • OhioMeansJobs Readiness Seal (state)
  • Industry-Recognized Credential Seal (state)
  • Military Enlistment Seal (state)
  • College Readiness Seal (state)
  • Citizenship Seal (state)
  • Science Seal (state)
  • Honors Diploma Seal (state):
  • Seal of Biliteracy (State)
  • Technology Seal (state)

  • Community Service Seal (Local)

  • Fine or Performing Arts Seal (local)

  • Certified Student Engagement Seal (local)

  • All students must earn 2 seals and one of those two seals must be a state seal

You can learn more about seals here.

You can review your progress by accessing the Worthington Portal and going to My Accounts and clicking on "Student Graduation Status."


hey juniors!

Before I get into details, there is nothing with which you need to be concerned at this time. With main campus registration, there are several unclear messages, and I want you to feel informed. As I mention near the end of this email, Linworth will send you an email in a couple months regarding Remaining Graduation Requirements. Additionally, don’t hesitate to email me or Laura ( I have also cc'd Junior Academic Advisors Jen Kubina (A-L) and Lilly Yap (M-Z).

Some things are the same

The 20 credits you need to earn are the same, with no changes to the areas of study for those credits.

Some things are a little different

You still will complete the Ohio State Tests (OST) in six areas. With two of them, you must demonstrate “Competency” in ELA 2 and Math 1. Practically every Linworth Junior has demonstrated Competency in ELA 2 and Math 1, with a couple scores pending.

With the other four OST’s (Math 2, US History, US Government, & Biology), you will have an opportunity to earn State Seals (more on that later).

Some things are brand new

As I mentioned earlier, there are now State Seals, which are a required component for graduation. You must earn two of the twelve options. Nine of the seals are constructed by the state; the other three are locally developed. At least one of your two seals must be a state seal.

What about you, personally?

First, You can read more about the Graduation Requirements here.

Additionally, you can review your progress by accessing the Worthington Portal and going to My Accounts and clicking on "Student Graduation Status."

In April (or sooner), Linworth will send you an email regarding Remaining Graduation Requirements. This is a sample from last year (for this year’s Seniors).

According to our records, as of this moment (not counting the classes you are currently taking), all you need to qualify for graduation is the following:

  • One semester of elective Math

  • Three semesters of elective credit

  • Complete the Government Ohio State Test

One option that some families consider is outside the normal school process. Worthington's Summer School Program is scheduled to begin the week of June 7, 2021 and offers options for students to recover credit from failed classes, at no cost to the family, and also provides multiple "get ahead" options.

Several families have requested information about online courses students can take outside our district over the summer to alleviate their course load during the school year and/or make sure they are on track with credits for participation Walkabout during their last semester at Linworth.

By August of their senior year, Linworth students must have earned a minimum of 17 credits; this total must include 1.0 credit Math I, II, and III and .5 Physical Education. Worthington accepts transfer credit from accredited programs and links to the more popular platforms utilized are included here: Treca, BYU, and Apex.

Remember that by August of your senior year, Linworth students must have earned a minimum of 17 credits; this total must include 1.0 credit Math III and .5 Physical Education.

Let us know if you have any questions.


fyi: walkabout is awesome

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Central Ohio Leadership Academy

Leadership Columbus is excited to announce that the Central Ohio Leadership Academy (COLA) application process has launched!

We thank you for your continued partnership with Leadership Columbus and COLA, and invite you to extend this information to your superintendent and administrator networks, in order to get this opportunity in front of rising Central Ohio high school juniors and seniors who would like to develop their leadership skills, in order to create a positive impact in their schools and communities.

Click here on the link below to learn more about the 6-day immersive experience. Additionally, the COLA Info Sheet is attached to this email as a PDF. Feel free to forward this digital document or print it out to share with potential applicants. Applications will be accepted until April 29, 2022.


Infinite Campus Unavailable April 11-13

Infinite Campus will be unavailable April 11-13 to transition services to Infinite Campus’ data centers. This move will help ensure Infinite Campus has minimal disruptions (outages) moving forward and will help keep our system up to date and secure.

After the move, starting April 14, the webpage link to Worthington Schools Infinite Campus will change. All of the webpage addresses on our Website and parent portals will be updated, but anyone who has bookmarked it will need to update their url. Families who use the mobile app will also need to reconnect the app to our district.

Thank you

Jeff Collett

Chief Technology Officer

Worthington Schools


Worthington Alliance of Black Families & Educators

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Ohio Teacher of the Year Nominations Are Open

The Ohio Teacher of the Year program annually identifies exceptional teachers and celebrates their effective, inspiring work both inside and outside of the classroom. The program also provides opportunities for professional growth elevating their voice as leaders and advocates for public education.

The program offers two levels of statewide recognition: the regional State Board District Teacher of the Year (11 regions) and the Ohio Teacher of the Year.

Nominees must hold a professional Ohio educator license, work full-time with a minimum of five years of teaching experience under a professional license in a state-approved public school, community school or career center. They also must work directly with students at least 50 percent of the time, have received no previous Ohio Teacher of the Year recognition, and plan to continue in active teaching status. *Resident Educator License holders do not qualify.

Anyone may nominate a teacher. School administrators, colleagues, community members, parents or students may submit a nomination for one or multiple teachers from a district or school building. (Self-nominations are not accepted). Each qualified nominee will receive a certificate of recognition and an invitation to apply to the program after the nomination period closes. We hope you consider nominating teachers from your district to Ohio’s most prestigious and long-standing teacher recognition program.

Nomination information is available on the Ohio Teacher of the Year webpage.


What's on the schedule?

Linworth Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences: Thursday, February 10 & Monday, February 14

Course drop deadline: Wednesday, February 16

Interim Advisors Due: Friday, February 18

Linworth Forum: Monday, February 28

ACT Administration for Juniors: Tuesday, March 1

Late Arrival for Sophomores & Freshmen: Tuesday, March 1

3rd quarter ends: Friday, March 4

Interim: Monday, March 28-Friday, April 1


For Your Consideration

U.S. quarters will feature 5 new women. What happened to other plans to change currency?

40 Things You Should Never Buy at a Thrift Store

Authorities Attempting to Close Fiery "Gates of Hell"


The calendar through interim

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Parent Instructions for Accessing Schoology


Teacher Email Addresses

If you have any questions for Linworth teachers, please don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

Jamie Mackin

Jen Kubina

Jasmine Hasanain

Lilly Yap

Ian Sample

Rosanne Nagel

Mark Shannon

Amy Bowman

Josh Stegman

Kenzie Bruck (Holderbaum)

Laura Zelch

Amy Kargiotis

Chris Hasebrook

Linworth Experiential Program

The Linworth Experiential Program opened in the fall of 1973 as an option for high school students in the Worthington City Schools. The purpose of the program is to more fully engage students in their educations by creating choices and having students make choices, placing the students in situations requiring higher levels of responsibility and having students learn and apply what they have learned through experiential education.

If there is an emergency and you need to see or talk to someone right away, please:

  • Talk to your parents or another trusted adult.
  • Call Nationwide Children's Hospital Crisis Hotline (17 & younger) at 614-722-1800
  • Call Netcare Crisis Hotline (18 and older) at 614-276-2273
  • Call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 or
  • Text the Crisis Text line by sending a text message to 741741. (If you text “4hope” you should automatically be connected to someone in Ohio, but you can text anything - even just hello to get the conversation started.)
  • If you are having an immediate emergency, please call 911.

All of these options are available 24/7/365.