News From 303!

Ms. Katie and Ms. Lesley


We've been hurrying and scurrying to finish our showcase products for in-school showcase! Kids have been working so hard on writing, testing, and polishing their demonstrations and we cannot wait to share them in school on Friday and with families on Monday. We are super proud of our work!

A few notes:

  • Students do not need to wear anything special, just their colorful Two Rivers Ts.
  • There will not be a weekly update tomorrow on account of in-school Showcase.
  • Students need to arrive at 6:45pm on Monday evening for set up. Parents should join us at 7:00pm.

RSVP for Showcase!

Monday, Dec. 14th, 7pm

1227 4th Street Northeast

Washington, DC

We will begin our presentation in room 302 (our classroom) at 7:00pm. Please join us as we share the journey of our chemistry learning!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Thank You!

Many thanks to those of you who supported our book wishlist at the book fair. We are extremely grateful for the additions to our library and book clubs!

Vocabulary Quiz For Lesson 6 Will Be December 18th!