The Kruskamp Chronicle: 9/30/16

5th grade news and more...

DAs (District Assessments) Next Week

Your child will begin taking District Assessments next week. DAs are administered quarterly and assess content mastery in the areas of English/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Each individual test is worth 1% of your child's grade in that subject. We will begin with Math and Reading next Wednesday and Friday. Science and Social Studies DAs will be administered later in the month.

Think It, Say It, Write It

Oral rehearsal helps children edit a sentence before it's written.

ebooks Online...access from anywhere!

The Library Now Has E-books!

Accessing eBooks From a Device

Step #1: Search for the Follett Brytewave K-12 App in your store

Step #2: Open up the app and enter your State, School name and then login using your

student number and password.***Make sure you select the “Stay logged in” option.

Accessing eBooks From a Computer

From a computer- Login to your eClass page and click on “Media Catalog” (see picture below). Then, you can login to our catalog using your username and password. To search for an ebook type the title or type ebook to see a list of all available ebooks.

Next week in...

  • Reading: Practice asking questions WHILE we read.
  • Word Work: "ee", "ea", "ie"
  • Writing: Use figurative language to "Show - Don't Tell".
  • Grammar: How do we keep our verbs in the past tense when our story takes place in the past?
  • Math: We'll learn "order of operations: P.E.M.D.A.S." and begin naming decimals.

Counselor's Corner:

Just as a reminder, we are now requesting that when a student is absent from school, documentation such as, a note signed* by the parent/guardian or a doctor's excuse stating reason for absence is needed within 48 hours of return.

*an e-mail will also be considered a signed note

Important Dates:

October Birthdays:

Savannah Montgomery

Marielle Rebello

DA (District Assessment) Testing:

10/3-7 (Reading and Math)