Day and Night

By:Riley k

What is day and night?

One rotation eqials one day also did you know 24 hours also make one day.

When one side of the earth is faceing the sun it is day time. When it is faceing the

moon it is night time.

What are Planets

Planets are a bunch of balls some are gas some are big balls of gas. Like

Mars some are hard and you can land on likeearth and the moon that

are in our solar syestem.

The Moon

The Moon is a big ball the first person to land on the. Moon was from the U.S.A they had

to go in a. Rocket Ship to fly up to the sky. On the Moon they had to have air to breath

and also no gravty to stay down

The Sun

The Sun is not a planet the Sun is a star. It is a bright one if somebody trys to tuch it you

might die. Nobody has ever even tryed to land on it ever.