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Why do people live in different parts of Canada

Some people live in parts near the ocean for easier transportation, and for trade. Canada is around 3 oceans so is very big in trade. Some people also want to live in Canada but with a warmer climate so they would live in southeastern Canada.Northern Canada has less people because it can get to below freezing, in the summer!!! People also move places for natural resources and farming. The warmer parts are better for farming because in the colder parts of Canada all of the plants die.The natural resources in Canada are coal, oil, natural gas, iron ore, nickel, zinc, copper, gold, lead, molybdemun, potash, diamonds, and silver. There are many reasons why people decide to live in different places it can be the natural resources, climate, or transportation, and waterways.

Canada's Environment Issues

In the Great Lakes the trees have started to die because of the amount of acid rain that is falling. It is also damaging the soil so more and more plants have started to die. The soil is starting to loose its nutrients and does not give plants what they need from soil. Since people don't want the great lakes to turn into the Black Forest there are people making clubs and community things to help plant trees, plants, shrubs, etc. In the Canadian Shield the main thing they over extract is timber. This is very harmful to the environment because a lot of their trees are already dieing and now they are just killing more trees. Trees are animal's houses, help make our houses, keep our air clean and not polluted. Trees do lots of things for us and over extracting them is only going to hurt the environment.

Quebec's Independence Movement

When Quebec decided that they wanted to be independent not everybody liked this idea. Quebec wants to become independent from Canada. The Quebecois are the people who want to be independent. The Quebecois want to be independent because they feel like their culture, language, and religion are being disrespected and forgotten. The Quebecois speak French which was the first language in Canada. The reason why they have not become independent yet is because not everybody agrees. Another reason is for the time being they could have a stable economy with the Hudson Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean, and all of their natural resources, but after about 20 years of being independent Quebec would go bankrupt and have to go back to Canada.

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