Jim Carrey


Jim Carrey was born January 17 1962 and raised in Ontario Canada with his two parents and his three older siblings. His family was poor and had to struggle to keep the food on the table.


  • His father lost his job
  • Their family went from the Middle class to being poor
  • JIm had to get a job as a janitor at at 15 and quit school
  • Never finished High School
  • His family was living out of a van
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How He Overcame The Obstacles

  • His father helped him put together a comedy act and drove down to Toronto to a comedy club so he could preform
  • Then he became an opening act for two other successful comedians
  • Then He traveled to hollywood where he started to appear in TV shows and eventually landed a regular role on a show.
  • He got his big break when he got a role in some hit movies


  • Won 2 Golden Globes
  • Won 8 MTV movie awards
  • won 4 Peoples choice awards
  • Won 4 Teen choice awards
  • Won 6 Kids Choice Awards
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