Surviving 3rd grade

Sue and Cristina


We go over some spelling words on a piece of paper by doing rainbow words.

We learn how to write well like in our draft book. We wrote about our very own adventurers.:)jjkjscdbh


We learn shapes and parallelogram with buildings which it makes learning more fun

We do this thing where there's a number line and you have to go in the order that the line shows you

Science, Social Studies

We learn about different types of rocks like smooth bumpy stuff like that

We learn about different types of clouds like curlernumbus and stuff like that

We learn about land forms and what they're called like peninsula and inland those things

We read this story about different kinds of states and do a crossword puzzle on the back to show if we read the whole thing or not

Patriot Promise Life skill needed for 3rd grade:

:personal best.

Because it will tell your teacher that you try to work hard and it makes me feel good.

Brainstorm all the events from 3rd grade

These are some of the examples of our events: Programs, field trip, PLANTS, nouns, how to write a letter.

Field trips are awesome Because you get to go to someplace you never been before.