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Revision Reinvent Repurpose December 2014 Edition

What is Digital Citizenship?

Beginning in January I will be offering digital citizenship classes for all grades. But what exactly is "digital citizenship" and what is the relevance to our students? Digital citizenship is basically the norms in which we use technology in an appropriate and responsible manner. As our district becomes even more linked to technology use, teaching digital citizenship skills is crucial to our students' success with technology. By clicking on the title of this article "Digital Citizenship" you will be linked with an article that discusses the nine themes of digital citizenship. What I plan to focus on for our students is the following:

Grades K-2:

Going Places Safely

A-B-C Searching

Keep It Private

Screen Out the Mean

My Creative Work

Grades 3-5:

Rings of Responsibility

Private and Personal Information

The Power of Words

Social Networking

Super Digital Citizen

The idea behind teaching digital citizenship as a separate class is to introduce students to appropriate online behavior, inside and outside of the classroom. Many of these lessons can also be taught in collaboration with other subjects.

The Literacy Lounge

Reading Tips for Parents

I read an article recently about how texting reading tips to parents improves students' literacy skills. This article can be found at

With Remind101( ) , how easy would it be to send a quick reading tip to your parents! And you don't have to come up with your own. Websites such as Reading Rockets provides wonderful tips for parents.

Student Selfies

Creepy Carrots Invade South Main Street!

Thanks to our very creative students, Hurley's "Creepy Carrots" tree was a huge success!
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