Staff News

September 28 - October 2

Parent Teacher Conferences

PT Conferences will be held on Monday, Oct 19th and Tuesday, Oct 20th for both the East and Central Campuses. Both days will be held from 3:30-4:30 and 5:30-7:30, with a carry in provided by PTA from 4:30-5:30. Conference times will be set up by Cindy and Staci in 10 minute intervals. However, if you know you will need a 20 min span (or even 30 min), please send an email to Cindy and Staci indicating the student name and how long you need (20 or 30 minutes only) and they will try to accommodate that as they schedule.

As we have several families that will be between campuses, it is going to be critical to stay fairly close to time. I know that trying to get everything in during a 10 minute interval is difficult. One suggestion is to complete a conference summary sheet ahead of time, or better yet, have the kids complete how they think they are doing. This will give you a guide to work from and hit highlights, positive and negative, during the 10 minutes you have.

If you have students whose conferences you are concerned about, especially if you feel that parents will not be receptive to what you have to say, please let Tyler or I know in advance of conferences. We will each be in a building for the evening and will make it a point to be in a conference for your support if it is needed.

According to our contracts, there are 10 additional full days that are built in. For this reason, it is expected that all full time teachers are in attendance both evenings, to account for one full day. Part time teachers are required to be in attendance for one of the two days. If you do not have conferences during a span of time, you may use that time for prep.

Health Insurance Screenings

All staff who are on the Diocesan Health Insurance are required to complete the health screening or you will be assessed a fee. Flu shots are also available. Screenings will be held as follows:

  • Central Campus - Nov 3 from 6:30-9:30am in the basement
  • East Campus - Nov 5 from 6:30-10:30am in the Parish Meeting Rooms (main hallway)
All staff need to sign up in the respective offices by Monday noon so that we can open the remaining slots to those who are associated with surrounding parishes and entities. The Central campus screening is on a Mass day, so if a few staff members need to take a slot during Mass, please be sure it is not at the same time as another who sits in your same section of church.

Middle School Guest Speaker

The middle school grades will have a guest speaker on Wednesday, Sept 30th at 12:30pm. in church. Please sit grouped together so that it is a more intimate setting. All middle school staff who are not working with intermediate grades during this time should attend with the students.

Joel Stepanek is part of Life Teen and speaks frequently with students on a variety of topics. He will be focused on Discipleship in the Life of a Teen.

When the presentation ends, students will report to whatever period is currently in session at that time.

Winter spirit wear

Just in case you are interested, Autumn Stallman of MAS Whatknots has dropped off a few flyers with winter spirit wear.

Superintendent's Visit

Wednesday, September 30th, both Dr. Hagan and Mrs. Priar will be here to visit for the day. While I will be meeting with them for a portion of the day, we will also be around to all three campuses. Please know that we will pop into classrooms at random. Just wanted to give you a heads up! :)