Make More Money by Facing the Music

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Meir Ezra, Make More Money by Facing the Music

Steve has the golden touch. Everything he does makes money. As an employee at a furniture store, he gets fast promotions and raises. After five years, he is the top manager and makes a deal with the owner to buy the business. He makes several improvements and triples the income. He has no debt, saves money every month and has a lot of fun.

Meir Ezra

Andy never has any money. He works hard at the same furniture company, but never gets ahead. He can't remember his last raise and is terrified of starting a business. He spends more than he makes, so his debts are steadily increasing. Because he constantly worries about money, he has health problems, as well.

What is the greatest difference between Steve and Andy?

"Man is having trouble with finance? Obviously, he is unwilling to confront* money."

-- L. Ron Hubbard

(*Confront has two common definitions: 1) meet face-to-face in hostility or defiance. 2) face up to and deal with a problem. In this article, we are using the second definition.)

To resolve money troubles, you confront or face all aspects of money. To really confront something, you have no resistance, no hesitation and no emotion. You simply face it 100%.