movement and health interaction


In Zimbabwe the people are affected by the trains not being upgraded and being very old. That has an impact on the goods coming in the states and the goods going out. There is 3,427 K of railway in Zimbabwe. This has an impact on farmers because the food that they want to sell is going bad just sitting there. They are asking the banks and aid companies to help them with building roads and new trains.


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The main source of power is coal in Zimbabwe because they have 30 ton of coal. And the way that people are having a impact in the country is that the are burning the ozone layer up as they use coal.this an example of how people are affecting the environment is"black rhinoceros herd - once the largest concentration of the species in the world - has been significantly reduced by poaching; poor mining practices have led to toxic waste and heavy metal pollution". Water pollution is big in Zimbabwe because there are pathogens in the water that make people sick and sometimes die. Air pollution, if you breathe in sulfur dioxide you could get a lung disease. Also you could get aids rains that pretty much destroys any thing it touches.


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