Ways how technology effects student

Why it effects them By Arne Turner

Topic 1

according to Richard Burchett some ways that technology effects students is be cause in some ways that technology helps students is by with it they help younger kids learn english and how to spell better and they have rossetta stone and with that it helps others learn English that speaks another language. And in some ways helps us find out about old history from the almo more than what teachers may know and the same time technology helped us with alot of things in life

Topic 2

In my opion technology can go both ways it can help us and be good use to us.. and then at the same time we have people use it for other crazy purposes such as people out there does cyber bullying not knowing the effect it has on other kids that they are talking or harassing them and then we have people use them for chat rooms not knowing who they are talking to and giving them all there personal information.. And ways it does and can help us is because we got website that helps kids better there education and have future growing up kids how to use technology and in other ways some people my feel out a application for a job or be looking for one and there are plenty of other ways that it helps.