Violet the IndiMole

All Denim: The Original Hipster, by Kira Yates

Indigo Dye: An Introduction

Indigo dye is a chemical dye that is used in dyeing apparel and is also used as Blue Dye No. 2 in food coloring. However, it is used mainly for jeans.

Chemical Formula: C16H10N2O2

Image of Chemical Structure:

Some Quick Facts About Indigo

  • Originally used through indigo plants, was a natural dye used as early as Ancient Egyptian times, when indigo dye was used to dye cloths for mummification.
  • Synthetic dye first synthesized in 1880 by J. F. W. Adolph von Bayer. He later won a Nobel Prize for his work with synthetic dyes.
  • In 2004, a system was invented for synthetic indigo to be freeze dried into crystal form and reactivated so it could be sold and reactivated into dye with water for home use.
  • In 2002, 17,000 tons of synthetic indigo were produced worldwide.

Properties of Synthetic Indigo


  • Known for its vibrant, blue-purple color.
  • Soluble in water.
  • Forms a mechanical bond when it dyes fiber, not a chemical one.
  • Melting Point: 390°-392°C


  • Mild oxidation allows indoxyl to be converted to indigo
  • Low toxicity, with an LD50 (or lethal concentration of 50%) of 5000mg/kg
  • Reacts easily with sulfuric acid to convert pure synthetic indigo into a derivative called indigo carmine, which is used for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

My Mole: Violet the IndiMole

The theme is denim, of course, as the main product that synthetic indigo creates is the dye for denim. For this reason, I decided to construct my mole out of a pair of ripped jeans for which I had no real use. However, I still needed a creative name for my mole, and I decided that I would play off the fact that my mole was made entirely of denim and make my mole a hipster, as this is a common hipster trend these days. I don't understand it either, but it is growing in popularity nonetheless. Going off of this hipster theme, I decided that my mole would wear hipster glasses, as this is the trademark of hipster culture. I crafted a skirt out of a skirt that I was hemming for two reasons: one, she needed clothes, and two, because although the skirt is unlikely to contain indigo dye, it fit within the color scheme. Lastly, I decided to name my mole Violet the IndiMole because Violet was an ironic name for a mole made out of indigo, since both are colors, and I chose IndiMole, since hipster and indy are often seen as synonymic.

IndiMole: The Phototshoot

Violet the IndiMole: The Finished Product