Friday Coffee Chat!

December 15, 2017

Simple Tips that will make your 2018 the best yet!

Whether you're feeling awesome about your year, soso, or not so good, it doesn't matter! If you're wanting to make money with Stella & Dot in 2018, the one thing you should really NOT do is NOTHING for the rest of December, here are some tips!

Top tips!

#1 - look at your calendar NOW and decide how much time you're going to take off over the holidays from your Stella business. We love the flexibility of this and planning ahead is so SMART!

#2 - compensate NOW for that time! If you normally spend 30 minutes/day on your biz and plan to take 5 days completely off, then spend up to to an hour over the next 5 days! Maybe instead of calling 2/day you call 5 or 10!

#3 - What we do NOW determines our January. If we wait to book January until after the holidays it will inevitably be the second week of January before we really get back on the horse (it's just human nature). ‪#‎ownit‬ Then our first show's won't be until the end of January and we will effectively be cutting our first quarter commissions by 1/3.

#4 - If you're wanting to have a GREAT 2018, setting up January NOW is key!

#5 - here's how to do it.......

(a) Reach out to 5 men to shop for their wives NOW. This will help with your December sales:)

(b) Reach out to all Dot Dollar Earners and offer a trunk show during the earning period. If they say no, offer for them to be a debut hostess of yours for the new line!

(c) Call all 2017 hostesses, thank them for being a hostess, offer a pop up shop this week instead of going to the mall to shop, if they say no, offer early January!

(d) Reach out to customers from earlier this year and say THANK you! Offer to help them finish their shopping this month with a pop up shop. If they say no, offer early January!

My favorite part of the call from Danielle was when she told us about the earliest trunk show she ever did in her business after the holidays. It was January 4th (remember it doesn't have to be the new line, it's all new to them!!) In spite of the chaos of getting the kids back to school, she drove through a snow storm for that show, sold $800 before the 5th and booked 2 more trunk shows for January!

I know for a fact that my January two years ago was not super stellar. I didn't take the time to set it up before Christmas. As a result, I had a slower February and March, it wasn't until April that I was really able to get my momentum back. I know it sounds dramatic, but it is the truth! Last January I decided to change that, rocked my January with over $6000 in sales and it created amazing momentum all year long.

So my plan over the next 8 days is to book up my January!

I know you have heard this over and over again :) BUT please believe us!!! LOL!!! Take action now before you take off :)

Stef xo

Top for the WEEK! WOW!

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Rocking the week!!!

Holiday Party is MONDAY! Last Chance to JOIN US!!!!

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Let's have FUN this FRIDAY!

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Comment on this Coffee Chat POST on our Shining Diamonds page with your favorite HOLIDAY COOKIE ! You can TASTE that time off! It's so close....but let's set up for a good new year first!