Technology and Modernization

by: Alex Villanueva

Technology the EVIL EYES of 1984

The eyes of big brother!! The voice of the over lords ,technology sees all.

Technology control everyday living!!!!!!!!!!!

Technology in 1984 and in this real world is used everyday. The technology used in the book were computer screens which watched your every move. In societies today there are "drones" which watch the streets.


" you are the dead," repeated the iron voice

"it was behind he picture," breathed Julia.

"it was behind the picture, said the voice. " Remain exactly where you are. Make no movement are ordered."


The surveillance in 1984 leaves everyone without privacy.

The party could not last with out surveillance, with time rebellion could happen.

The party is limiting everyones thoughts emotiones with one sign of rebellion they will arrest on sight. The party does not care of potential crime or actual crime there is no diffrence.